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If you’re building or renovating after being inspired by display homes or seeing your 2 storey house plans, selecting the right lighting can really affect the mood of everyone living in your home.

The proper lighting enables you to get about your daily tasks easily, makes you feel safe and comfortable, and allows you to enjoy your home to its full potential. Here are some tips on how to select the right lighting solution for each room in your new home!

Entrance, hallways, and stairs

Display homes in Perth will leave you with a lasting impression as soon as you walk through the front door. You want the same for your own place, so when guests enter, you not only want to hit them with a statement feature light, but you want to convey an impression of what the rest of the home is like. Your luxury home builder may suggest centring a traditional chandelier, contemporary pendant or transitional close-to-ceiling fixture in your hallway to provide basic illumination and create a welcoming atmosphere. Hallways and stairs require good general lighting for safety to prevent accidents – stairs in 2 storey home designs should be lit from top to bottom with switches in both places, while lighting fixtures in lengthy hallways should be placed every 2.4-metres to 3-metres.

Open plan living/dining spaces

The safe option for most new home owners is downlights, but if you want to add some character and a point of different, aim for stylish floor and table lamps. They are great way to highlight different zones in the living/dining area and offer a softer more ambient light, perfect for when you want to unwind with a book or entertain family and friends. Where possible, create your single or 2 storey house design with room for as much natural sunlight as possible. Summit Homes’ Mod display home is cleverly designed to allow an abundance of natural light with its extensive use of glass and incredibly high 45c ceilings. The same is said for the Australiana display home, with its sleek hi-lite windows which open the front living areas up to the skies, flooding it with light.

For evening coverage, consider accent lighting, which will add drama and depth to a room by illuminating key features. Wall lights also provide a good quality of light by refracting off the ceiling, while the dining room should lend itself to wall sconces above sideboards or track lighting above the table.


Luxury home builders like Summit Homes will work with you on your single or two storey home designs to make sure the right lighting is installed in your house, and this includes paying particular attention to the kitchen.

If there are no windows to allow natural light in, install a light fixture that brings out the best in your cabinetry, like recessed downlights, and task lighting above areas like the cooktop or island benchtop. Fitting a light sensor in the pantry and inside cabinets is also a practical way to illuminate your kitchen area and make meal times a breeze.

The ceiling height, colour scheme, layout and size of your new home kitchen will also need to be taken into consideration when selecting the right lighting options. Summit Homes Manor display home kitchen features a neutral colour pallet of bright whites and greys and is positioned right next to the outdoor entertaining area, taking advantage of the natural light provided by the bi-fold glass doors and large windows. When you walk through, you’ll get a complete feel for how natural light works wonders in a kitchen.

Talk to a Summit Homes consultant today to build a dream home lit to perfection.





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