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Found the perfect suburb to live in but the block isn’t exactly what you wanted?

If you think it’s too narrow, there truly is a way to adjust to it and build a beautiful home without making compromises. The increasing cost of well-positioned land means narrow housing is becoming the way of the future, so think 2 storey house designs!

Don’t let narrow blocks be a barrier to where you want to live. Once you talk to a luxury home builder like Summit Homes about designing your perfect 2 storey house plans and seeing some display villages in Perth, you’ll be able to live in an affordable yet luxurious home.

Maximise potential

You can maximise a narrow block’s potential simply by building up. A range of 2 storey home designs can give you access to living in the suburb you want to be in, and there are so many advantages! Less yard work is one of the biggest positives, which means you won’t have to compromise on lifestyle by spending your weekends mowing the lawn or mulching the garden.

For every narrow block, you will find the right 2 storey house design in Summit Homes’ Select Narrow Range, like the Taj 10 and Denali 10 two storey home designs. You’ll see how space is utilised to its best potential with room sizes and furniture styles, drawers and storage ideas.

Think you can only fit one car in the garage? Far from it! Two-car garages are standard even on a narrow lot 2 storey house design at Summit Homes.

Live where you want

These days, the availability of residential land in sought after suburbs is becoming more restricted so the need for high density housing becomes pressing. When a lot becomes available in a suburb you’re keen to live in, don’t let a narrow block put you off purchasing and building that dream 2 storey house design with luxury home builders like Summit Homes.

When it comes to small housing blocks, creative and innovative design will allow you to keep your lifestyle choices and continue them into the future. Want to stay by the beach, easy! Keen to hit the night life every day of the week close to the city? Sure! Display homes will give you an idea of the designs that are perfect just for you.

Compromise is not an option

Just because you’re looking at building a 2 storey house design with a luxury home builder doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the finer things in life. Having two levels of living space will give you the option to have high ceilings (which will make even the smallest room in the house appear seemingly large), add skylights to bring in valuable light, create side courtyards, and a balcony to take in the views of your adored suburb.

A balcony with a view of the renown Perth sunset while having a light dinner? How can you pass up that luxury?

Contact Summit Homes today or have a look at some of the luxury home builder display homes in Perth to get started on building your dream 2 storey house design on a narrow block, which won’t seem so narrow once your build is complete!

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