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Demolish and Build

From old to new without having to move suburbs.

Love where you live but outgrown your home?

If you love your street and suburb, your neighbours and your children's school, but have outgrown your home, knock down and build the home of your dreams with Summit.

Our team of design experts take care of everything - from planning and budgeting, design and paperwork, all the way through to the demolition and build, we specialise in maximising your block's potential.

The savings and benefits are considerable, so whatever your reason to knock down and build is, see for yourself how easy it is with Summit.


Benefits and savings to knock down and build

Not only will you get to stay in an area you love, you won't have to factor in an array of fees including real estate fees, advertising fees, stamp duty, taxes, repair costs to sell your home, moving costs and more. 

Plus, if you have a large block, you may even have room for two new homes - one to sell and one to live in - giving you the financial freedom you might not have thought possible.

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How much does it cost to demolish a home?

The average cost of a demolition in Perth is approximately $20,000 to $25,000 depending on your demolition requirements and items you want salvaged.

When comparing our quote with others, ensure you evaluate the details carefully to confirm the service inclusions are thorough. Items that could be included in the quote include vegetation and roots, pools, removal of asbestos, sheds, septic tanks, soakwells and council crossovers.

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Case study: The Capper Family

Summit Homes helped the Capper family demolish their tired and dated home in Karrinyup and build their beautiful new spacious family home exactly as they wanted it.

Hear about the experience with Summit from Bronwyn.

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  • We've always loved the location of our home as it is close to everything we need. On top of that, our block is a decent size too. We initially looked into renovating, but after reviewing the costs and the fact that we would still have an older house, we decided to demolish and rebuild. This would give us a brand new, maintenance free home built exactly how we would like it. We then had the existing home demolished which was an excellent service at a reasonable cost. Our new home is currently at lock-up stage and we can't wait for our new home to be completed.

    Sue and Ron - Kardinya

    Why choose Summit for your demo and build? 

    • Trust the experts

      When you partner with Summit Homes, we make the process of demolishing and building a seamless journey from start to finish.

    • Quality at every step

      We work hard to ensure everything we do is of the highest standard, from our quality local materials, to our meticulous cleanliness on site, we pride ourselves on industry leading excellence.

    • Innovative designs

      we have an extensive selection of single and double storey new home designs to suit all block types, budgets and lifestyles.

    Demolish and Build Process

    Summit has a streamlined 6 step process, which means once you have met with one of our consultants, we take care of everything right through to completion.

    • Step 1 out of 6

      Planning & Budgeting

      You’ll meet with one of our experts to discuss your ideas, goals and budget. We have a range of options to suit your needs and financial situation.

    • Step 2 out of 6


      Our experts will survey your block of land to outline all of the costs involved and make sure there’s no surprises along the way. This includes everything from the demolition to the new build, including earthworks and retaining factors.

    • Step 3 out of 6


      At Summit, we have a range of plans for you to choose from. Our complimentary custom design service comes at no extra cost, and ensures your new home perfectly suits your lifestyle, family and block of land.

    • Step 4 out of 6


      When it comes to council planning and building permits, we take care of everything – so the paperwork isn’t something you need to worry about. We frequently work with councils and shires so the process is a breeze.

    • Step 5 out of 6


      Once the planning has been organised, it’s time for the demolition. We can take care of the demolition for you or we can help you source a reputable demolition contractor.

    • Step 6 out of 6


      After demolishing your existing house, we’ll build a stunning new home using our award winning building practices on the block you love and the in the location you don't want to leave.


    Will it take longer to do a demo and rebuild vs a complete renovation on my home?

    Not necessarily as it all depends on the scope of works based on the size of your existing home and your land.  The demolition process can run hand in hand with the planning phase of building, so there isn’t any time delay when executed at the right time. If you’re renovating your home from top to bottom, the construction time will be much the same as a new build as you’ll be using the same trades to complete your home.

    What is included in the demolition?

    Generally it’s a full site clearance and trees and stumps need to be grinded out. What’s included exactly in your demolition will come down to your individual site and what is quoted by the demolition company.

    How long does the demolition take?

    The general process to organise a demolition is around 4-6 weeks. This is includes the disconnection of services, demolition license, rat baiting etc, which needs to take place prior to the demolition. However, this doesn’t add any additional time to your overall build as all the work done behind the scene takes place concurrently with the progress of your new build.

    How long will I have to move out for?

    It all depends on the size and scope of your new build and when demolition takes place. We would estimate at least 12 months (at a minimum) from the start of the process to when you move into your new home.

    Is it more affordable to find another block to build on, rather than demo?

    We find a lot of our clients who go ahead with a demo and rebuild love the area that they live in. It’s usually in an infill suburb where vacant land is far and few between. If you’re in a similar situation and you’re in a location you don’t want to leave, this is where demo and rebuild is your best option.

    If you do happen to find land, consider the value of it compared to the land you already own, whilst factoring in real estate selling and buying fees. The added bonus is that you also avoid stamp duty costs which is a huge saving.  

    Will I need extra council approvals?

    Yes a demolition license is required and some shires and councils require you to have a planning approval for the new build before the demolition license is granted. However this is something we take care of and shouldn’t add a considerable amount of time to your overall build.

    What are the advantages of going through Summit for a demo and build?

    Firstly we listen to your plans and budget. Then after a professional feasibility study of your block – accurately outlining the costs so there’s no surprises later, we take care of all council planning, permits and building approvals. And because we work with your local council so frequently, you’ll enjoy a streamlined process.

    With approvals in place, we manage the demolition of your home with minimal disruption. It’s all part of our complete end-to-end project management service.

    Is the quote provided by Summit all inclusive?

    Yes you will receive a fixed price contract which can be inclusive of your demolition and build costs.


    Ready to build the home of your dreams?

    If you would like to knock down your home and build a new one, speak to one of our design and building consultants today.

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    Whether you're considering building, renovating or developing our experts can guide answer any questions you might have.

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