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Everything you need to know about subdividing in the South West

We delve into all things related to subdivision

The Art Of Subdividing

Subdividing a block of land has many steps involved, which is why it's best to consult with an experienced development professional who will guide you through the subdivision process.

No matter what type of development you’re planning, at Summit we can help you subdivide your land to multiply your profits – and we have the proven and trusted track record for every type of development to show it.

To help wrap your head around subdividing, we've mapped out some points to help you get you started. 

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At Summit, we work with a team of subdivision consultants who can assist you with the subdivision process. Here is what your subdivision journey typically looks like.

  • Step 1 out of 4


    Before you can even look into subdivision, settlement on the land needs to take place and for the site to be in your or your project name.

  • Step 2 out of 4


    We start by listening to our clients to make sure we thoroughly understand their needs and their reasons for developing. It is that understanding that enables us to provide a development plan based on the clients objectives. From here, we assist and provide direction in relation to the titles process in conjunction with the client and their surveyor. We then discuss your desired outcomes for your development and from there, a subdivision plan is formed.

  • Step 3 out of 4


    From here, your surveyor will prepare and submit your subdivision application to WAPC. Summit will then coordinate and meet the requirements from WAPC for the separate titles.

  • Step 4 out of 4


    The next step is organising your connections such as water, power & NBN. At Summit, this is part of our service when developing. It's one of the many benefits of going through a builder because if you organise it independently, it not only can cost you thousands but it can also slow down the process.

Real life inspiration

The Summit Developments Team share experience in excess of 60 years and have worked on every kind of development project you can think of.

Benefit from their portfolio of work and read case studies of rear strata projects which Summit has undertaken.

Case Studies


  • When we approached Summit with the idea of splitting our existing block in two and building a new home on it, we found Summit to be extremely helpful. The level of professionalism of the trades people was first to none and we found our consultant to be very helpful and extremely friendly with all our dealings. He always kept us informed on what was happening in the various stages.

  • This was a subdivision project where we knocked down our family home of 30 years to build my parents their dream home and we are pleased to say, that the entire family is delighted with the outcome. Taking into account the challenges faced by the building industry boom in Western Australia, we have received a very seamless and stress free experience with Summit who have provided an exceptional customer service experience throughout the entire build process. I look forward to building with Summit again in the future.

  • Summit Developments consistently provide excellent advice and service, all the way from initial project planning, to site start and building completion. All the steps in the planning and approval process are clearly explained. I have used them for multiple projects and have been exceptionally happy every time. Very highly recommended.




    Whether you're considering building, renovating or developing our experts can guide you through the process.

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