Tell us a bit about your renovation. Was this your first time renovating and how did you decide now was the right time to renovate?

We added a second storey to our 1920s California bungalow that now sits atop of the extension that was made to our house 10 years ago.

We were excited by Summit’s method of having the modular extension built off site in their factory so that we could not only live in our home while the extension was under construction, but so that it could easily be dropped into place on the existing house.

We had seen this done to some friends of ours and decided that now was the right time to extend our own home.

What was the most important thing that you wanted to achieve through this renovation?

We wanted the second storey extension to be a modern and contemporary addition, that would suit the existing style of the house and not look out of place.

As a family we desired additional space and as parents, we wanted our own personal space.

We also wanted to take advantage of the views of the city and Lake Monger that a second storey would provide.

Lastly, we wanted a second storey that didn’t look out of place with the rest of the house and minimised any impacts to our neighbours.

How was your experience with Summit Renovations during the design stage?

Summit has been very helpful throughout the entire process and made this renovation as painless as could be.

Angelo did a great job of listening to our design wishes and incorporating this into a great design. He was also very helpful through the trails and tribulations we had in obtaining approval from council.

This approval process did require several design changes and the final design Angelo and his team came up with met exactly what we desired as well as meeting the council requirements.

How was your experience with Summit Renovations during the construction stage?

When COVID-19 hit we were expecting a halt to the job, however through the assistance of Summit and luckily being in WA, the renovation continued uninterrupted.

Russell was the best supervisor you could hope for and kept us in the loop with how the job was progressing.

He was also very diligent in protecting our belongings while the job progressed.

How do you feel about your new home?

We love our new addition and very quickly settled in. It felt like ‘home’ in no time.

The design of the extension met all of the requirements we were after. My wife Chatarina and our two cats love the window seat where they can enjoy fantastic views and warm sunshine that comes through – it’s very relaxing.