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Multi-units and Apartments

Is a multi-unit or apartment development the right option for you?

Make more with multi unit development

Multi-units and apartments are becoming an increasingly sought-after property development solution in WA and the experienced Summit team is here to help you maximise your block’s potential.

Sound investment

Typically, apartment and multi-unit developments are a solid investment as there is more opportunity for sale or rental within the development.

Armed with more than 40 years’ experience, the Summit team not only provide professional service in design, project management and development finance for your multi-unit or apartment development but advise in assessing the commercial viability of the project.

To find out how a multi-unit or apartment development could work for your block, Summit's experienced property Development Consultants are here to help.

Designed for affordable infill

Summit’s highly experienced multi-unit development team have an innate understanding of local council policies and procedures, in addition to the recent changes to residential design codes which now allow apartments to be built in suburbs where previous residential zonings did not allow.

Advantages of a multi-unit or apartment development include making the most of high-density areas, as well as providing a more affordable property for future resale and they allow for a low maintenance finished product with a high rental return.

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