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What does it cost to subdivide?

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Understanding the costs of subdividing

When it comes to developing, the million-dollar question is; how much does it cost to subdivide land? The short answer; it’s not as clear-cut as you might think.

To understand what's involved before you even consider subdividing, a feasibility and subdivision plan needs to be completed. 

Once you have these plans, the number of new titles you are aiming to develop, the condition and quality of the site and the type of development you decide to build all determine the cost of your subdivision. 

From there, we work with a team of subdivision specialists who guide you through every step of the way. Chat with one of our development consultants about arranging your feasibility study today.

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Feasibility Study

When it comes to subdividing there is a long list of works which need to take place before you can be sure your piece of land is:

  1. Viable for subdivision
  2. Meets planning requirements for subdivision
  3. Can physically be built on

These works are extensive and a lot of care and attention to detail is required so that you don't run into costs down the road when it's too late to turn back. Your feasibility plan when completed through Summit will include:

  • Project management of your subdivision
  • Obtaining a future contour plan to substantiate your land's viability to subdivide
  • Understanding if the new build will be survey strata, build strata or green title
  • Design consultation for the unit you would like to build
  • Sketch of the design on your lot
  • Fixed cost appraisal on your build
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  • This was a subdivision project where we knocked down our family home of 30 years to build my parents their dream home and we are pleased to say, that the entire family is delighted with the outcome. Taking into account the challenges faced by the building industry boom in Western Australia, we have received a very seamless and stress free experience with Summit who have provided an exceptional customer service experience throughout the entire build process. I look forward to building with Summit again in the future.

  • When we approached Summit with the idea of splitting our existing block in two and building a new home on it, we found Summit to be extremely helpful. The level of professionalism of the trades people was first to none and we found our consultant to be very helpful and extremely friendly with all our dealings. He always kept us informed on what was happening in the various stages.

  • This was our first experience using Summit and our development consultant was always very professional and available whenever we had questions. Their knowledge was unparalleled and we could not recommend Summit highly enough.


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