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7 questions to ask yourself before you renovate

Posted 18 July 2019

Renovating your home is an exciting journey but can also be a challenging in making sure the decisions you make are right for you and your lifestyle now and for the years ahead.

Key considerations include budget, your way of living now and into the future, the site you are working with and determining what works best for you.

To help make the process that little bit easier, The Style Studio by Summit have put together a list of the seven questions you should ask yourself before you renovate:

Are we happy where we live and how long do we intend to continue living here?

There’s no point making a significant financial outlay on a renovation, whether that be a bathroom or small laundry upgrade or a major house overhaul if you don’t think you will remain living in the home for too many more years.

 Do your sums and work out if you are likely to remain living where you are for the long haul before making a financial commitment to make it the home you want.

What are you trying to achieve out of your renovations? (You only want to do it once!)

Write down your top five reasons why you want to renovate and what you want from the transformation. Is it a more modern kitchen with all of the latest appliances and finishes? Is it a bigger bathroom to accommodate a growing family? Or is it having a bigger alfresco area to entertain family and friends?

Having a clear idea in mind of what you are actually after will help make the planning less stressful.

Consider how you will be living in 5 to 10 years’ time, so you design for the future and not just tomorrow.

A lot can change in five to ten years. Families grow and need more living space, living requirements change as do the way you live.

 Perhaps as your children become teenagers you might want separate living quarters or a teenage retreat away from the master bedroom? Or perhaps a second bathroom will become more needed in the years to come?

What budget are willing to invest into our property?

There is nothing worse than falling in love with a design, fixture or house extension to find out it is out of reach budget wise. Spend time working out what you can comfortably afford or speak to a financial expert about what you can borrow.

Take into consideration how your property works as a whole, not just your house.

It pays to think about how your home connects to the outside, including alfresco entertaining areas, grassed areas, a pool, etc. Renovating your home should bring all these elements together in a seamless way as if that was the way it always was!

Is your builder a renovation specialist who can maximise value for money?

It pays to research the builder you plan on using. You want to ensure you are trusting your most valuable asset to someone who is reputable and who will give you a quality renovation that will stand the test of time.

Explore social media, product reviews and speak to friends, family or colleagues for advice about their renovation journey.

Seek out quotes from different builders and compare what they offer.

How long will the renovations take and will I have to move out?

It is important to ask this question so you know what is ahead before you sign a contract. Finding alternative accommodation – and paying rent- can be an added cost of a renovation you didn’t bargain for.

Thank you to Summit Renovations Designer, Ashley Tunley for your tips for this blog.



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