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A new era for Perth development

Posted 8 October 2019

Take a walk through any of Perth’s inner, established suburbs and you will likely see new homes being built behind existing homes, an increase in townhouse homes, or even small to medium scale apartments and unit complexes being constructed.

Infill development is defined as housing development that occurs in existing urban areas, in contrast to “greenfield” sites which have been previously undeveloped.

As Perth’s population grows, so too has our city sphere. New suburbs are continuing to pop up further away from the CBD, in an attempt to accommodate an expanding and demographically ageing population.

It is no secret that Perth was initially sceptical of a state push towards more infill housing but as time has gone on, many have found the benefits outweigh any initial concern and infill housing has certainly become more accepted.

While the outer/greenfield developments can certainly contribute to Perth’s much needed housing diversity, it is our existing urban areas that have the most potential. Infill housing provides greater opportunities for Perth home owners, by supplying more new homes in established suburbs, closer to the CBD, schools and all major amenities.

Infill can breathe new life into a suburb and when done correctly, can provide a diverse range of housing for a range of demographics. Investors will note that our ageing population are looking to downsize but are steering away from larger scale apartments and moving towards high quality townhouses and units, which still supply some outdoor space without the larger strata fees.

Investors looking to capitalise on Perth’s infill push should look at the established suburbs surrounding the CBD that are coded for subdivision. 

It is important to look at lots and consider the full development, such as car parking/driveways, verge trees, block width and overhead power lines (common in older suburbs). This will help ensure the development is cost effective and appealing to home buyers.


Article written by our Senior Development Architect, Quentin Lau. 


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