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Adding street appeal to a 1980's or character home

Posted 4 February 2020

First impressions last and when it comes to the front façade of your home, its street appeal is where it can make or break its mark.

Of course over the decades, trends and fads change.

If your home’s front elevation is stuck in the 1980s, there are some clever ways to bring it back to life.

A big component of many 1980s home renovations or makeovers is making your front façade look as though it has always belonged in the 21st century.

Street appeal is design 101 and converting a tired 1980s home into the current trends of now can be as easy as some new render, a fresh colour scheme and a re-spray of existing roof tiles, in addition to transforming your garden.

If you are unsure where to start, begin with some research on the internet, design magazines and social media. Pick a few designs and colour schemes to give you a good starting point.

Remember it is important to work with what you have by modernising and adapting the design of your current abode when bringing it out of its 1980s doldrums.

Some easy ways to achieve this is by adding a feature portico or a new entry for immediate impact.

A new coat of paint in a completely different hue, some feature cladding, front lights or sensor lighting can make a huge impact.

Painting an existing fence or replacing it with a more modern one, can completely transform the look of your façade.

Your garden plays a big part in your home’s street appeal and new trees, plants, lawn or shrubs, in addition to resurfacing your driveway or adding new paving, can play a big role in bringing your home back to life.

Adding new garage door or a new letterbox can also make a huge difference.

If you really want to make an impact and completely overhaul your tired 1980s residence, adding a second storey will dramatically change its look.

A new upper level can be designed to sit forward on the existing house, and can even cantilever over it.

The use of the cantilever upper floor, in addition to modern materials and a new colour scheme, will transform your house into the most modern abode in the street.

Neighbours will think you have built a brand new house!

Thank you to Summit Renovations Designer, Ashley Tunley for your tips for this blog.


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