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Extending your home for a growing family

Posted 18 February 2020

If your family is starting to outgrow your home and you are beginning to feel as though you are living on top of one another, a home extension could be the solution to your problem.

Before you embark on your home extension journey, it is important to first and foremost work out how many rooms you will need to better accommodate all members of your family – for now and the future.

Many people start with a three bedroom, one bathroom home when their children are little but as they grow older they soon realise larger bedrooms and an additional bathroom are a necessity.

For future resale value, converting your home to a four bedroom, two bathroom for your growing family is the best decision you can make.

The money you invest in these additional rooms are a guaranteed return on investment in the years to come.

The design of your extension can be dependent on the age of your children. Of course, when they are younger they need their bedrooms close to their parents.

However, as they get more independent and older, bedrooms near a games or activity room to play with their friends is a popular renovation option.

The size of your block and working with your home’s existing layout, will determine whether adding a second storey or extending your ground level is the best option.

A Summit Homes experienced designer can provide the best scenario and options for what will work for you and your family.

On many occasions, extending your home for a growing family is all about adding large, open flow areas.

This could also be creating a seamless indoor-outdoor connection between your alfresco area and open plan living space.

Perhaps you are a family who like to entertain and spend time outdoors? Think about connecting your meals and kitchen area with the outdoors to make alfresco entertaining a breeze for your family, while opening up areas of your home that were previously unused, adding additional space.

Also, if you are buying a home with the goal of extending in future, have a good think about what improvements you might like to make.

The key element to consider is to buy for what you need but keep in mind what you might want in the future. Consider whether extending to accommodate space for future children is possible.

Thank you to Summit Senior Design Consultant Charlie Haddad for your tips for this blog.


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