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Find out the best ways to add a contemporary coastal style to your home

Posted 3 July 2019

Relaxed, modern and refreshingly cool, there is much to love about bringing a contemporary coastal style to your new abode.

From the front elevation, to internal paint colours and finishes throughout, The Style Studio by Summit share some simple tips and guidelines to achieve this effortless look.

The front elevation is where this look really comes to life. Think light coastal colours for your roof such as Surfmist Colorbond, off-white or cream paint work and bricks, light grey or blue cladding and gables.

Decking is a great way to bring a more nautical feel to the front of your home.

Think about little things such as adding gables, which are a nice subtle touch for a contemporary coastal look.

Even subtle additions and changes, such as a white mortar to your brickwork can create a coastal feel.

While small things can make a big change to the look of your front façade, it is best to keep things minimalist – don’t go overboard. A contemporary coastal look is about simplicity and a synergy between old and new.

Incorporating cladding into the interior of your home is a great way to bring the outside, inside.

Cladding along a hallway, to a home’s entry or within a main living room is a great way to bring a contemporary coastal feel to an interior.

High ceilings are also a key feature, and assist with creating a feel of openness and making a home feel bigger.

Other handy tricks include adding highlight windows over internal doors to bring an old school coastal look to a new home, and help bring light into the residence.

For flooring, timber is the predominant choice for a coastal look, while as with the front elevation, light wall colours are key and should be almost the same hue as the ceiling.

In the kitchen, cabinetry can have a little bit of ‘old school’ styling with a shaker door profile and adding skirting boards around an island bench, in addition to walls, is a great coastal look.


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