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Kitchens: What's hot and here to stay in 2019?

Posted 9 April 2019

The heart of today’s modern homes, the kitchen is more than just a functional place to prepare a meal.

In terms of design it is a place where you can showcase your personal style, while making the space a real masterpiece.

From colours, products, lighting and textures, the Style Studio by Summit has the rundown on what the latest trends in kitchen design are for 2019.

Breakfast nooks and breakfast bars are fast becoming centrepieces of kitchens.

Incorporating a bench that flows through to the meals table, or one that extends through to the alfresco area, are becoming popular looks for 2019. Many people are integrating striking, modern fixtures, such as matte black or metallic tapware.

Creating a point of difference with products is also on-trend, with deeper sinks featuring an industrial metallic look are proving popular choices. Large porcelain sinks with a Hamptons look are also in-demand.

Marble has made a strong comeback and is proving a trendy pick for benchtops, in favour of the traditional Caesarstone and Essastone.

Light timbers are also fashionable and are being used a great deal in cabinetry and kitchen flooring.

Custom rangehoods and timbers are being incorporated to create striking feature points. Thinking outside the square, beams are popular anchors for a striking pendant light.

Custom timber rangehoods - so clients can paint them themselves and install over their rangehood - are being offered by Summit Homes. Clients are using the adjacent shelving to showcase books or accessories.

Skylights are also back in vogue, and while not only encompassing more light into a kitchen, they also create a striking focal point.

A resurgence of popular past trends, such as retro style has made a comeback for 2019, with the country kitchen shaker door a popular look. Old school styles with a modern twist are also on-trend.

Incorporating a small wall or feature wall that has striking brickwork in an old school style, set amongst a modern kitchen is proving popular. Reusable is another trend for 2019.

Bringing in old pieces of furniture, such as a serving trolley - which might have a strong family history - are common additions used to create a different look to a kitchen. However, when creating your kitchen space it is important to think about resale and practicality.

Speak to people - family, friends or an interior designer – for advice and opinions and remember you can add a point of difference simply via easily interchangeable items, such as accessories, trays, pots, pendants and door handles.

Such items do not require a big spend and enable you to chop and change as the years and trends go by.


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