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Lighting tips for your kitchen

Posted 2 January 2020

Whether it’s a quiet weeknight with the family or a gathering of everyone you know, the kitchen inevitably ends up being the space everyone congregates, no matter the occasion. It has a big job to do, serving as both a functional space for cooking and an atmospheric space for entertaining which is why it’s often top of the list when planning a new home reno!

Design your kitchen lighting to suit all of life’s occasions with these top tips from Beacon Lighting!

Ambient lighting
Because the kitchen is essentially a ‘task-driven’ area, you’ll want to cast as much ambient light as evenly as possible from your ceiling. You can achieve this with a combination of pendant lightsdownlightstrack lights and flush mounts. Remember though, while your kitchen should be a space that feels light and bright, it’s important to install dimmers on your main fixtures so you can change the mood to suit certain activities.

Task lighting
While ambient lighting helps you navigate the kitchen as a whole, it can leave shadows in areas such as work surfaces and cabinetry. This is where task lighting comes into play. Pendants over an island bench ensures you can safely prepare food and read recipes, while strip lighting in cabinets helps you easily spot ingredients on a shelf or in a pantry.

How to light your kitchen island
The first step should be to list the tasks you do at this space as this will dictate what type of lighting you need. For example, if you have an integrated cooktop/workspace, you’ll need a mix of downlightsspot lights and hanging lights to ensure you have enough light for the task at hand. If your island has counter seating and is more a place to hang out, you may opt for ambient lighting that is warm and casual. Pendants are perfect here.

A cluster of pendants over an island bench offers great task lighting and statement style in one. If you’re installing a set of two, they should be at least 76 cm from the centre of the island and have 76-82cm between the countertop and the bottom of the pendant. A set of three pendant lights should be just as high up, spaced apart evenly, and be at least 15cm from the edge of the island.

Linear Suspension Lighting
If you have higher ceilings, linear suspension lights like our Contempo pendant, work especially well and you can hang one at least 100cm above your countertop.

How to put the accent on good taste
The most beautiful kitchens always feature not just statement pendants, but subtle accent lighting that accentuate elements of the décor and architecture. Think downlights in glass cabinets and strip lighting above your splashback, in drawers, shelves or pantries.

If you’re still unsure of the look that’s best for you, meet with an expert Beacon’s Design Studio consultant who are accredited lighting designers with extensive experience in interior design. Schedule an appointment with a professional near you, click here to book today!


* Originally published by Beacon Lighting on 12 June 2019



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