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Renovating a character home - what you need to know.

Posted 6 December 2019

Restoring character homes is a skilful art where paying homage to the residence’s history, integrity and period detail requires careful planning and thought to strike the perfect end result.

When it comes to planning your character home renovation one of the first elements to consider is if you want to carry the restoration throughout the entire theme of your home?

Some people prefer to keep the charm of their home’s bygone era to the front and create a more modern overhaul to the rear.

This option allows your modernised character home to retain its charm while creating a new addition to the home which is more open plan, allows for a more light filled space and views of the alfresco area.

This could include a new open plan kitchen, meals and living area with restored character bedrooms and a bathroom remaining at the front of the home.

Striking a balance between a traditional style home with open plan spaces is a popular trend.

However, this can be a challenge as character homes have different rooms for their individual purposes rather than big open spaces.

It is nice to create a blend of the old and new with your new layout.

The Summit Renovations designers are highly skilled and experienced at creating a layout which best suits your character renovation and enhances your lifestyle.  

If overhauling your entire residence in keeping with its original historical character features is your preference, it is important to carry character feature details throughout your home.

Architraves, continuing the same type of ornate ceilings, picture rails, doors, windows, cornices, original flooring, door hardware, timber work, and skirting are elements that come into play.

When it comes to restoring or renovating a character home, it is important to keep in mind that there are bigger costs involved for two reasons.

One, is it is a more labour intensive and intricate project requiring more time to complete.

Secondly, the costs can be higher due to elements, such as ceiling heights and detailing work that require the use of a lot more product.

The Summit Renovations team have completed many Character Home Renovations, you can view some of our favourite case studies here.

Thank you to Summit Homes senior design consultant Angelo Tomassone for your tips for this blog.


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