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Renovating for maturing families

Posted 23 January 2020

As your family matures, their living needs and wants grow and this is particularly true as your children enter their teenage years.

Often the home layout that worked when they were younger, doesn’t always meet their teenage needs.

This is where adding a teenage retreat to a home extension can be the ideal solution.

A teenage retreat is about creating a teenager friendly space, where your adolescent children can enjoy their own independence away from their parents/younger siblings.

Popular ways to incorporate a teenage retreat when planning your home renovation is to create a new upstairs space with bedrooms, a bathroom or living area, or adding a new separate wing on your ground level comprising a similar configuration.

Within your teenage retreat adding a dedicated area where they can study in a quiet space is important, while a bathroom with enough space to allow for more than one person using the area at the one time by having a separate toilet and shower is wise.

Adding a teenage retreat to your home allows your children to stay at home longer after they finish their school years and begin university.

If the space is well-designed they can spend more years in the family home and save for a house deposit of their own to give them a head start in life.

Furthermore, adding a teenage friendly space to your home future proofs your abode for other uses too.

A well-planned design could see the space used for a further 10-15 years as a separate future living zone for grandparents if they need to downsize or require accommodation and care as they age.

A teenage retreat has the potential to give you more a lot a more value out of your house for different purposes.

Thank you to Summit Homes senior design consultant Angelo Tomassone for your tips for this blog.


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