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Top tips when choosing a staircase

Posted 22 June 2020

Choosing the right staircase can make a big difference to the overall ambiance of your new home or renovation.

For example, the Vision display home by Summit Homes, has a U-shaped staircase which has a void that flows through up to the second level of the home exuding a sense of opulence.

When it comes to choosing the right staircase, my top three tips to consider are; your budget, the overall aesthetic of your home and your family’s lifestyle.

If you’re more budget conscience – consider using winders in your stairs as this will condense the size and the sqm of the bottom and top floor which add to the overall cost of your home.

Consider the location of where you would like to position your staircase. Some people like to feature their staircase in the entry so it makes a statement as you walk into the home, while others like to have it on display in their open plan living area.

Of course, the construction and material of your staircase can vary. Using lightweight materials will be quick and efficient to erect, as well as affordable.

A concrete staircase allows for a solid finish and is suitable for most products to be laid on it such as; timber, tiling and grout – which you can’t necessarily have on a staircase constructed with lightweight materials.

Storage under staircase, if its not at the detriment of your living area, is a great way to utilise the sqm of your home.

Depending on your family’s lifestyle, you may use this space as a small storage room, a study nook, mudroom, wine rack or powder room.

What railing designs are popular at the moment?
Frameless glass is always popular but beware, it does require more cleaning and maintenance compared to other products such as timber or aluminium.  


What staircase designs do you recommend for families with children or elderly members?
For families with children or elderly members, it’s recommended having a landing or break in the stairs where you can rest and prevent further falling, should someone fall.  


Are “floating,” staircases becoming more popular? Is this a particularly sought-after feature of homes without children?
If anything, we are noticing they are becoming less popular. With an expensive dollar value attached to floating stairs, buyers seem to be prioritising other features in their home such as upgrades in the kitchen.


What should buyers be mindful of when choosing a staircase for their home?
Buyers should be mindful of the transition between the first step of the staircase and the floor. For example, having timber floors and a timber staircase can be dangerous.

Talk to your designer about changing the product or material so it differs from the ground which will help to avoid any falls or accidents.

And if you opt for a lightweight staircase, talk to your building about upgrading the underlay which will supress any additional noise when walking up and down the stairs.


* Originally published in the The West Australian, New Homes Magazine - 20th June, 2020

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