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Why you should renovate your home in today’s market?

Posted 4 September 2019

With record low interest rates and reduced building costs, now is the time to make your renovation dreams a reality.

If you love where you live and don’t want to leave a street you are fond of and an area where you are comfortable and familiar living, renovating your home to create the dream abode you always wanted is possible.

Best of all, choosing the right renovation for your home is an investment into your future.

If you plan on living in your renovated home for the long term the rises and falls in Perth’s property market mean you shouldn’t fall victim to the market’s ups and downs as it will always pick up again.

Smart renovations and extensions are always an attractive selling point in a hot property market and will add to your home’s market value.

Renovating in today’s current market is a smarter move then selling up and buying again as it saves you stamp duty fees – which is money you could put towards making your home the exact residence you want.

The thousands of dollars you could fork out in stamp duty, agent and selling fees could be a sizeable contribution to making your kitchen the space you had always wanted or could help pay for that extra bedroom or bathroom your family needs.

Renovating your home not only makes it look good but can also save you money.

Modernising your home allows you to bring it in line with all the latest fixtures, gadgets and fittings and enables you to create an energy efficient home with lower running costs, hence smaller electricity bills!


Thank you to Summit Renovations Designer, Ashley Tunley for your tips for this blog.



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