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Case Study: New Home, Karrinyup

Debbie & Peter | Karrinyup

Matt & Danielle | Treeby

Debbie and Peter take you through their first time building and the importance of achieving a timeless, classic look conducive to family heirlooms and antiques styled throughout the home.

Please tell us about your new home.

We never found an established home that we were 100% happy with and it has always been a lifelong desire of mine to build a home.

We had lived in our family home since 1987, so a new home was a very big step for us. We found the whole experience fun and exciting.

What was the most important thing that you wanted to achieve with your new home?

We have many antiques and family heirlooms, so the home had to be conducive to this decor. Peter wanted the entire width of the upper level to be a living/balcony space, inclusive of a built-in BBQ area.

I wanted a large ensuite, separate walk-in robes and a hallway that you could see all the way through to the back from the front door. 

An important piece was a formal dining room to house the dining table and chairs that Peter's grandfather made in the 1930s.

What was your favourite part of the pre-construction process?

I enjoyed every aspect of the build and would love to go through the process again. I spent many hours searching physically and online for every single detail for the home.

We utilised Summit's complimentary interior design consultation which was very helpful.

What were the highlights of your building process?

The @home portal was wonderful, especially through lockdown as we weren't in Perth, so our building supervisor sent us extra photos during that period. The highlights would have been making the selections and visiting the site during the build. 

The biggest highlight was the final result, we enjoy friends reactions when they walk in.

What advice would you offer someone who is considering building a home?

Try not to panic about every tiny detail during the build, anything you feel that is not right actually comes together in the end.

Interested in building?

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