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Case Study: Two Storey Extension, Kinross

Gorgeous Kinross

Gorgeous Kinross

Jeremy and Linda came to Summit Homes wanting help to create separate living spaces within their home for themselves and their two children.

A second storey addition design was decided upon, with a master bedroom, large walk in robe, ensuite with powder room and a stunning living room retreat.

This was Jeremy and Linda’s second renovation after having renovated their bathrooms 18 months ago, but they felt this was their first major one as they were creating new living zones within their home.

They were slightly apprehensive about the process, saying “We had heard so many horror stories about renovating that we were bracing ourselves for what we were expecting to be a tumultuous experience. It turned out to be quite the opposite, with this running incredibly smoothly.”

As the second storey extension was built off-site in Summit's purpose built facility, the installation process was a lot quicker than traditional second storey building method.

Jeremy and Linda were thrilled with the process, saying “the construction stage was a breeze! Being a modular addition, we were not disrupted at all in our home during the construction stage, as it was all done off-site.

"We would really recommend a modular renovation for anyone that is considering second storey addition… it really minimises the impact on your family.”

Jeremy and Linda were very pleased the finished product and the additional living space it provided their family; “We absolutely loved the new space that Summit has created for us. The design suits our needs perfectly.”


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