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6 pieces to make your home Simply Scandi

Posted 9 April 2019

The choices are abundant when it comes to picking items, materials and tones to incorporate a Scandi influence to your home.

Laidback, comfortable and simple. There are some distinctive elements needed to create a Scandi style.

Here at The Style Studio by Summit we share our must-haves:


Oak: Make sure it is the right coloured oak. It should not be too yellow or brown. To be Scandi, it must be very clean, with a real white base. This is very important.

Splashbacks: This can be in a Herringbone pattern or in a white hue.

Pendants: The proportions should be huge and they could be of glass, timber or white concrete to clean the space up a little.

Floor rugs: Scandi style floors are typically finished in tiles or floorboards so rugs are popular additions. The rug should be quite heavily textured. Use a lot of hessian. Or perhaps a circle mat with natural colour. Oversized rugs look nice in a Scandi space. Play around with different types of depth and piles.

Floor lamps: They should be really big. Think tripod-style legs, a white linen shade cover, to a lamp which has bit of an arch that imposes into the space. These are all quite important elements.

Accessories: The Danish do accessories well. Their use is defined and sophisticated. There should be no hard edges, and they should be very smooth. Think coloured glass vases in a deep blue, deep mustard or teal. Bring an element of colour in that is not too bold or over the top.

*Thank you to La Vie Interiors for your design, style and inspiration tips for this blog.


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