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9 Renovation mistakes you don't want to make

Posted 24 July 2019

Embarking on a home renovation can be a fun filled journey to have the chance to make your dream home a reality but before you dive in head first there are some mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

To help ensure you don’t fall victim to common renovation blunders, The Style Studio by Summit have outlined nine common renovation mistakes to be aware of:

1. Being unrealistic about your budget and not understanding the real value of renovations

Before you start your renovation project it pays to sit down with an expert who can explain all the obvious, and not so obvious costs, involved.

This way you have a clear idea at the outset of exactly what the financial outlay is likely to be and you won’t be disappointed half way through when you realise that the dream kitchen you had envisioned might be out of reach due to an unrealistic idea of your budget.

By speaking to an expert, you will also gain a clear understanding about the elements of a home renovation which add real value to your home.

2. Be wary of a ‘tacked’ on renovation

 A renovation – whether that be a kitchen overhaul or the addition of bedrooms – should result in a house which flows seamlessly. The last thing you want is an end result where the new renovation looks and feels like it has just been tacked on.

3. Cheaper does not equal better

Don’t chase the cheapest price. It is vital you fully understand what is included and excluded in the contract price. A cheap price doesn’t equal value for money and more often than not will cost you more over the long term as you fix a low standard final result.

4. Failing to be selective about the builder you hire

Make sure you deal with a builder who specialises in renovations and will seek all necessary approvals. Entrusting your hard earned money and valued home to an expert in the renovation field will make for an enjoyable and stress free renovation project and a great end result.

5. Under capitalising your property

Do your research. Look at other homes within your street and suburb and find out what they sold for to get a gauge on the market value of your home so you don’t spend too much or too little to make your renovation right.

6. Not having a clear budget

Make sure your builder has a clear budget to work to and understands your needs and what you are trying to achieve out of the renovations.

7. Failing to deal with experts

Engage the services of an expert designer who has experience in home renovations so you can be sure you will get the best outcome to suit your lifestyle and needs.

8. Forgetting to think ahead

Think about your family’s needs now and what they might be in the years to come. Make sure you design for the future and not for tomorrow. Future proof your home for a growing family so you grow into your home, not out of it.

9. Failing to ask questions

It is vital you fully understand how the renovation will link to the existing house. Make sure room sizes will be suitable, that your kitchen will be large enough for how you cook and entertain, that ceiling heights are suitable and tie into the existing property. These are just some of many questions to think about.

Thank you to Summit Renovations Designer, Ashley Tunley for your tips for this blog.


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