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Clever ways to use LED strip lighting in your home

Posted 30 December 2019

You possibly have already mastered the technique of using pendants, table lamps, floor lamps, downlights and track lights to illuminate your home. But there’s one more source of light your home will be happy to have, and that’s LED strip lighting. Modest in appearance and gentle in light intensity, it discreetly adds a layer of luxury to your home while also being super functional.

LED strip lights are thin, flexible and customisable which means they can practically fit anywhere, especially in places where traditional light globes can’t, like under the bed or behind shelves. So, no more wondering what’s going on in those dark corners!

Let’s explore some clever ways to use strip lighting to elevate different areas of your home.

This space is the heart of your home where most of the living happens - cooking meals for your family, packing lunch boxes, entertaining guests, and even doing paperwork or finishing off that office presentation. As such, appropriate lighting is crucial.

Under cabinets, above splash backs
While pendants, downlights and track lights provide good overall visibility, adding LED strip lights to the undersides of your overhead cabinetry softly illuminates work tops so that you can safely prepare meals and accurately read recipes.

Inside cabinets
Use it on shelves inside dark cabinets and pantries to make it easier to look for the ingredients you need.

On open shelves
If you have open shelves, use strip lighting to showcase your favourite cook books, collectibles, glassware, dinnerware or artwork.

Kitchen island and kickers
When you place strip lights in the recess between your kitchen island and floor, you can create a glamourous floating effect. Functionally, when you combine this with strips around kitchen kickers, it helps light up a pathway for enhanced safety.


When you’re enjoying some much deserved ‘me time’, clever placement of strip lighting can create an ambience that helps you relax.

Under vanities and behind mirrors
Backlight your mirror or light up the underside of your floating vanity to give your ensuite a glowing, luxurious vibe.

Around bathtubs
Wash your stress away as you bask in the calming ambience created by soft lighting on the bottom of your bathtub. (We know you want this in your bathroom right now!)
Tip: Make sure your strip lights are rated IP65 for use in possible splash zones like near bathtubs.


This is your sanctuary after a long day and strip lighting works wonders to create a soothing, happy environment.

Under beds and behind bed-heads
Besides making sure you can see any monster lurking under your bed or easily locate that missing shoe, strip lighting under your bed can help you find your way during the night without waking up your family. When used behind the bed-head, it creates a great ambience as well as doubles up as a reading light.

Above feature walls or in ceiling cornices
If you have a feature wall or intricate patterns on your ceiling cornices that you’d like to highlight, strip lighting can do the job.

In wardrobes
Whether it’s a built-in robe or a walk-in wardrobe, strip lighting makes getting dressed classy. Also. it’s so easy to find what you’re looking for when you can see what you’re looking for.


Whether you’re watching TV, curling up with a book or entertaining friends, you want this room to have a warm, welcoming feel and be able to impress anyone who walks in.

Ceiling covings or cornices
Strip lighting works perfectly to highlight architectural details in the ceiling and creates a luxe layer in your living space.

Design a stairway to heaven (or to your rooms upstairs) by adding LED strips under the steps or below the railing. It’s a great idea for finding your way at night without turning on the main overhead lights.

If you want to take the strip lighting fun a bit further, use it to illuminate your sofas and armchairs or perhaps your table for that great party effect.

Picture frames
Let your memories glow by adding LED strips to your photo frames. Any artwork or paintings can also enjoy the limelight with their own strips.


You won’t see the strip lights during the day, but at night when they’re turned on, the magic happens.

Step treads, pathways and railings
Linger longer in your backyard and enjoy the outdoors at night with strip lighting that creates an irresistible ambience. Use it to highlight steps, deck railings or your rear verandah.

Awnings or backyard verandah roofs
Get creative! Use strip lights around the awning or roof of your verandah, balcony or even around your sun umbrellas and outdoor furniture. (Just, please stop when you reach your neighbour’s yard.)
Tip: Make sure your strip lights are rated IP65 for outdoor areas where they’ll be exposed to water or dust.


Now that you know where to use strip lighting, it’s time to choose one that fits your ideas. Beacon Lighting's new architecturally-inspired Masson For Light custom LED strip lighting range is highly versatile and can be customised for any space in your home. It’s also IP65 rated for use in outdoor and wet areas.

Or you might prefer the smart strip lighting LIFX range. Simply download the app, connect to Wi-Fi and you're ready to go. You can control the lights individually or as groups, set timers, adjust brightness to suit your mood and time of day, change colours and create lighting patterns.

Once you have selected your strip lighting, you can choose to have it surface mounted or recessed depending on the location and the effect you want to create.

Need help?
If it all sounds too complicated, let the experts handle it for you. Book a personal consultation at a Beacon Design Studio and an accredited lighting designers will help you create the perfect lighting plan for your home.


* Originally published by Beacon Lighting on 4 November 2019.


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