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Creating the perfect parent’s retreat

Posted 11 February 2020

Craving a haven in your home away from the clutter of kid’s toys and noise?

Then adding a parent’s retreat to your future home renovation might be the answer.

With many family homes these days dominated by playrooms, toys inside and out, a dedicated space independent from these areas just for adults is fast becoming a popular request in home renovations.

Many homeowners choose to add a parents retreat to a second storey addition, hence creating an upstairs zone solely for adults with separate living quarters for children downstairs.

However, if your children are young and you don’t want your bedroom too far away from them it is still possible to create a luxury parent’s retreat within the same level.

With the cost of home ownership rising many children are staying home longer, in addition to multi-generation living on the rise, a separate parent’s retreat is not only a haven for when your children are young but a way to future proof your home as well.

Essentially, a parent’s retreat is a space where you can escape to your own zone of peace, quiet and tranquillity away from the children.

Many design requests include incorporating a sitting room with space to fit a couch with either a television or bookcase to unwind, a big master bedroom, an ensuite and roomy walk-in robe.

Some people desire a hotel suite style with formal areas to sit, in addition to a roomy bedroom, ensuite and walk-in robe.

The ensuite is designed to be kid free so splash out by adding a big free-standing bath, double vanity and oversized shower.

Extend your haven even further by considering adding a private balcony where you can start the day with a morning coffee, or unwind with a glass of wine in the evening.

Furthermore, adding a wet bar within your retreat to entertain friends is another popular choice to spare you walking up and down the stairs ( if your retreat is located upstairs) to the kitchen to collect food and drinks.

When embarking on plans to add a parent’s retreat, it pays to speak to a builder who is experienced in renovations and listens to the way you and your family live to get the best result for your lifestyle.

Thank you to Summit Senior Design Consultant Charlie Haddad for your tips for this blog.


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