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How to create a functional and practical kitchen space

Posted 9 April 2019

We’ve all heard about the concept of a creating a kitchen triangle when designing a new kitchen, but what exactly does this notion entail?

In simple terms, it means creating a space that ensures your hotplate, rangehood, oven, refrigerator and sink are in close proximity, hence forming a triangle.

The Style Studio by Summit shares their tips on how to achieve a perfect kitchen triangle:

Your fridge, oven and sink should be within 2.5 metres of another, with your pantry offsetting the triangle. If you design your new kitchen with these principles in mind, you can’t go wrong.

Once in high-demand in new kitchen designs, many people are now steering away from the idea of a scullery.

When it comes to sculleries, not many people think about their practicality. Many want a scullery included in their kitchen design because the first thing they think it would be good for, is hiding all the dirty preparation dishes when having guests over.

But how many times does that happen and do you really care about hiding the dishes when you have just cooked them a meal? Adding a scullery can ruin the symmetry of a kitchen triangle.

This can offset the distance of your kitchen sink and preparation area in relation to the scullery, while creating an unnecessary back and forth between the spaces.

You have to think about whether it is really worth it just for having guests over for perhaps only a handful of times a year? When designing a kitchen you always need a big preparation area.

Think about position of the sink in your island bench. Does it give you room on either side to prepare a meal or are you better off setting it to the side so you can lay all your plates and prepare food properly?

Second of all, is your stove directly behind the preparation area? Is it quite practical? Can you bring your food over and start dishing up with ease?

Has serving been considered in the design? Has your fridge and pantry been offset either side to that? If so, you can’t go wrong.

If you can practically reach things within 2.5 metres of where you are positioned, you are going to have a practical kitchen, when you start going outside that space then you have trouble.

Other things to consider include lighting. Aim to have ample natural light in the space during the day.


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