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Resize your home: Granny Flat designs

Posted 28 October 2019

Downsizing your home doesn’t mean you have to downsize your life. Granny flats are an ideal way for downsizers to move to a smaller home while still living near family and playing an important part in their lives.

Best of all, granny flats can be designed to meet your lifestyle. Many are low maintenance, allowing occupants plenty of freedom to pursue an active social life or travel adventures.

With a range of floorplans and extra features to choose from, granny flats make downsizing a very tempting proposition.

Here, we share the three Ds of resizing your home with a granny flat design.


Granny flats are becoming an increasingly popular choice for couples or singles who want to downsize without giving up their location or the community they have come to love. They typically build a granny flat in their backyard and offer their home to family members, often giving them a leg up in the expensive housing market in the process.

Another popular pathway is for downsizers to live in a granny flat built on a family member’s block. This means loved ones, perhaps even grandchildren, are living conveniently close. Proximity of family may become more important into the future as assistance is needed.

Either way, choosing a granny flat is a wise move for those who value their independence while still sharing their lives with family.


An obvious benefit of downsizing is decluttering. Getting rid of items you no longer need when you move to a granny flat is a great way to live in a refreshed and more organised space.

Anyone who has been following the popular tiny home movement has no doubt heard of the benefits of simple living. Tiny homes, some as small as 40sqm, have inspired many people to live with less as a means to leave a smaller environmental footprint and achieve greater financial freedom.


There is a variety of smart floorplans to make granny flat feel spacious and comfortable. They may be smaller than the standard house, but contemporary granny flat design is typically open-plan so the space is flexible. A second bedroom could easily become a hobby or sewing room, while the living and dining areas can be adjusted to accommodate a study.

At Summit Homes, choose from 20 designs based on popular features and layouts. They include one, two and three bedroom floorplans.

These designs have a balance of open living areas and generous bedrooms. After choosing a design, Summit customises your granny flat to suit your land requirements.

At Summit Granny Flats, you’ll work with a design consultant who’ll advise you on how to choose your perfect granny flat design to suit your lifestyle.

Ready to start your granny flat design dream? Call Drew on 0413 134 479.


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