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Style Alert: Colour tips to inspire your home renovation

Posted 9 April 2019

Ever walked into a display home and felt your mood shift? You might have felt more energised, or perhaps began to relax? Chances are you were reacting to the colour scheme of the room.

Colour is one of the most powerful design elements you can integrate into your home. Yet knowing which colours to embrace can be tricky, and a little bit daunting! Do you want to integrate the latest colour trends, knowing you can re-paint or even re-decorate later? Or do you prefer to opt for a more classic, enduring colour palette?

Here are some helpful colour tips by the Style Studio by Summit for decorating you home:

The beauty of balance – the colour ratio
The science behind perfecting a room’s colour scheme is the 60:30:10 rule. This ratio dictates that your bold, dominate colour should take up 60% of your room, followed by the sub-colour (30%) and then a final ‘accent’ colour (10%).

Black spots
Adding a black object to a room is a well-known trick used by interior designers (keep an eye out at your next display home visit!). How does it work? You simply incorporate a classic black item, such as a black photo frame or a black vase. The presence of this black object works to make the other colours in the room ‘pop!’

Look for patterns
When painting walls, let existing patterns in the room guide you. Look at the patterned rug, or the patterned couch. What is the dominant colour? Find it and replicate it on your walls.

Style samples
Mixing and matching colours and materials is a delicate art, so when shopping for fresh paint colours, a new couch and the like, be sure to ask for a sample to take home with you. Even a small sample can help you judge whether that colour or texture will truly be at home in your place!


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