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The Style Studio reveals how to add a Modern Edge to your home

Posted 9 April 2019

Form, making a statement and shape are the key elements to bringing a Modern Edge look to your home.

According to The Style Studio by Summit, Modern Edge is an easy style to replicate.

It’s a well thought out, trendy executive style that will appeal to a younger demographic, such as singles, people in their 40s to a single, bachelor-pad residence.

Key features include sharp edges. For example, a kitchen bench top might have a sharp edge on it, cut on a 45 degree angle. They might also be quite chunky and thicker than normal, 160mm – think masculine looking.

The use of black and white is quite big. In a kitchen, this could be having one section entirely in black, or black splashbacks or subway tiles.

Or the flooring could be entirely black, in a dark timber. Walking into a Modern Edge home is like walking into a statement. A dining table could be used to create that striking statement.

Clever design is key. For example, making use of areas which are traditionally unused, such as a kitchen designed under a staircase.

Modern Edge is quite linear, with not too many shapes. Key ways to implement Modern Edge can include under-cabinet lighting, a stainless steel splashblack or bench with an integrated sink in the kitchen.

In the bathroom, creating a very white space with black walls and shower frames would be on-trend Modern Edge. Creating a high contrast with white establishes a strong point of difference.


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