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Top 5 essential pieces you need when moving into your first home

Posted 9 April 2019

In the excitement of preparing to move into your first home, it is easy devise a thorough checklist of all the big-ticket items such as a bed, dining table and couch that you’ll need, but what about all those other added extras that make a house a home?

It can feel like the list is never-ending, so to tackle this perhaps aim to buy one small item a week in the months leading up to moving into your new home so the list feels less overwhelming!

The team at the Style Studio by Summit have your checklist covered room by room.


1. Bedroom
Sure you’ve got your big comfy bed and chest of drawers but what about those little touches that finish the room off and make the space a cosy place to unwind and sleep?

Things like quality pillows and sheets can make all the difference to getting a good night’s sleep. And don’t forget a nice warm blanket for those cold winter months ahead!

2. Bathroom
Stock up on good quality towels, bathmats and hand towels at the sales. There are heaps of big sales year round now at places like Myer, David Jones, Bed, Bath & Table and Adairs. You no longer have to wait until the Boxing Day sales anymore.

3. Laundry
Buckets for soaking clothes, brooms, mops and a hamper for dirty clothes are must-haves.

4. Kitchen
The list here is endless but when you narrow it down to the absolute essentials the rest are things you can gradually build upon. Cutlery, plates, cups, bowls are givens but what about those items that are so ingrained to kitchen use that you might forget to buy them? Think a good-sized kitchen bin, can-opener, spatula, chopping boards and tea towels.

5. Misc
Don’t forget the outdoors. A door mat, a clothes line, broom and hose are all added extras you will need to make your house a home!


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