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Your commonly asked questions answered.


  • How do I get started?

    Building your very own brand new home is an exciting decision. There is no one set way to start the journey, maybe you want to demo your exiting home, you have a block and are looking for home design, or you need house and land, we are with you every step of the way. Check out our stunning display homes and home designs, or come visit us at The Style Studio in Myaree and experience the latest in home design and style for yourself.

  • How long will it take?

    Each build journey with Summit Homes is different, as we tailor everything specifically to your needs. Your new home consultant will be able to provide you with an accurate timeframe. Plus, with our @Home Portal, you will always be kept up to date with your build process, letting you know what to expect and when.

  • What if I can’t find a design that suits my needs?

    At Summit Homes, we pride ourselves on our talented in-house design team, who are constantly working on innovative and stunning home designs. If you can’t find a design that suits your needs, your new home consultant and one of our design team will be able to provide a customised a design to suit you.

  • When does prestart take place?

    Prestart takes place after you’ve chosen your home design, bought your block of land and your contracts are signed.

  • What is involved in prestart?

    Prestart involves selecting all fittings, finishes, colours and materials for your future home. It is the chance for you to ensure your own flare is reflected in the interior design. Electrical plans will be finalised, you will choose your plumbing and go through all the plans with your client administrator. When you build with Summit Homes, you will be able to experience prestart in The Style Studio in Myaree or at our Busselton hub. You can also visit the studio as many times as you wish prior to and after prestart.

  • How will I know what the next stage of construction is?

    Your @Home Portal will keep you up to date with your build in real time. You will also receive regular photos and updates from your site supervisor throughout the build. You will also have direct access to site supervisor throughout the build, so you can contact them at any time if you have any questions.

  • What is PCI?

    PCI stands for Practical Completion Inspection. This is when your Site Supervisor will reveal your finished home and go through with you room by room to ensure everything is the way you want it. If there are any items that require attention, your Supervisor will note this down and action it.

  • Where can I see your display homes?

    We have a range of striking display homes located across Perth Metro and the South West. Each display home has been carefully designed to reflect the latest in innovative construction methods and home design, and will offer a world of inspiration.


  • How do I start?

    Maybe you need more space for your growing family, or just want to update the look and feel of your home. The possibilities are endless when it comes to renovating. Start by creating your own mood board or inspiration board, writing your wish list of things you would like to change in your home. This should help to provide clarity and outline what key areas need improving on. If you need more help, our talented designers offer free consultations to help you decide what options are best for your home improvement.

  • How long will it take and how much will it cost?

    Each renovation journey is different, as they are tailored specifically to your needs and budget. Once you have met with your designer and plans have been drawn, we will provide a fixed price and timeline for the project so you know exactly what the cost and timeframes are.

  • What is a second storey extension and will it fit my home?

    If you are looking for more space but don’t have extra room on your block, a second storey extension can be a great option. Our experienced designers can custom a design to suit your existing home. A second storey extension can be anything you want – the ultimate parent’s retreat, an extra room to take advantage of your view, a children’s wing and more!

  • How long does it take to install?

    Depending on the location and plan of your existing home, we build your second storey extension either on site at your home or off-site in our local Myaree factory. It only takes a few hours to install, with your staircase and service connections finished within weeks so you can enjoy your new home sooner!

  • Can I live in my home while it is being renovated?

    Depending on your project and timeframe, there is the option for you to stay in your home while it is being renovated. Your designer will be able to provide some information on what will be best for you, your family and your project.

  • What about Council approval?

    At Summit Homes, we offer the complete home renovation process. This means we cover everything, from concept to council approvals to construction. 

  • Should I renovate my home or demolish and build a new home

    If you love your suburb but not your home, it can be tricky to decide what your best option is. At Summit Homes, we offer both renovations and the option to demo and rebuild. This decision is ultimately up to you, your lifestyle needs and budget. One of our consultants will be more than happy to provide some information on what options would work best for you.


  • What council approval is required for a development?

    As a general rule, most rear developments require a Development Approval (DA). Our Senior Development Consultants are trained accordingly to have full knowledge of Town Planning Codes and Polices to ensure that any designs recommended to you would comply with the DA.

  • Can I build multiple dwellings on my existing lot?

    This can depend on a number of factors, including the size, location and zoning of your block. Your Senior Development Consultant will be able to provide more information and a recommendation as to how you can maximise the potential of you block.

  • How much does a subdivision cost?

    With every development, the following costs must be considered:

    • Construction of houses
    • Site costs (associated with subdivision and infrastructure)
    • Development costs and government fees
    • Finishing costs

    As every development is unique, costs vary depending on the number of dwellings being built. Your Senior Development Consultant will be able to provide detailed costing and timeframe once your plans are finalised.

  • I have a large block - can I build at the back of my property?

    To determine the strata development potential of your block, you must determine the lot size and zoning. You can get this from your local council/government. This will give you an idea of whether subdivision is possible, as well as the minimum lot size needed and proposed subdivision boundaries. You will also need to investigate if there are any restrictions placed on the Certificate of Title, which may limit any subdivision potential. You could also let one of our Development experts investigate this for you.

  • I have seen a display home I like; will it fit onto my lot?

    Unfortunately most display homes are designed to suit street front lots and they rarely comply with rear strata policies. Summit Homes have designed a striking range of homes to suit rear lots. However, our in-house design team can incorporate some of the display features you love into your design, or tailor a design specifically to your needs.

  • Do I have to choose a plan that has been specifically designed for rear strata/strata lots?

    Choosing a strata design will save you time and money down the track, as these homes comply with certain design codes and have been specifically designed to make the most of popular in-fill strata blocks. Many other standard home designs will not comply with the codes and requirements of strata blocks.

Granny Flats

  • Do I have enough room for a granny flat?

    Whether you need a teen scene, a pool house, or room for extra family members, we have a stunning range of granny flat designs to suit a variety of block sizes. Our designs start from 40 square metres and can be as large as 100 square metres. We also offer custom designs to suit you and your block.

  • Do I need council approval?

    Yes, this is something Summit Homes will take care of, ensuring all council approvals are managed efficiently.

  • How long will it take and what does it cost?

    Each journey and timeframe is different, as each granny flat we build is tailored to suit your needs and your block. Once you have sat down with your consultant, chosen a design for your block and gone through the finer details, you will be provided with more accurate details on costing a timeframes.

  • My block shape is irregular – is it still possible to build a granny flat?

    We offer custom design granny flats to suit your lifestyle needs and block requirements/shape. If you are unsure, our dedicated consultant will be able to visit your site and provide some more information.


Whether you're considering building, renovating or developing our experts can guide answer any questions you might have.

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