The Casa was designed with flexible family life in mind – from a double activity zone in the theatre and the games room, everyone can have the space to relax and to spend time together under one roof.

Entertaining friends and family is made convenient with a walk-in-pantry and combined scullery to allow for any messy preparation to happen away from the view of your guests.

Benefit from clever zoning, a clean lay out and well-considered flow of living throughout the multiple living spaces.

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Entertainers Pro
5 Bed
Workshop Pro
Total Area285.46m2
Lot Width15m


  • 30 course ceiling heights throughout (unless noted otherwise on plans)
  • Hobless shower recess with semi-frameless pivot door
  • Mitred tiling
  • Westinghouse 900mm oven or x2 600mm stainless steel fan forced electric ovens
  • 1020mm entry door
  • Alfresco with recessed plasterboard ceiling

Full list of inclusions can be downloaded through the specifications below.

Total Area285.46m2
Lot Width15m

Perhaps when it comes to your teen’s studio, you’re looking for more of a transition space from living under your roof to living under their own.

The Teen Studio edition makes a little more space available so that the young adult in question can really visualise their independence and make the most of this stepping stone.

The Teen Studio edition is also an excellent guest house addition.

Total Area285.46m2
Lot Width15m

Designed for hosts and enthusiasts, the Entertainers Pro features a wine cellar for curated collections, a stylish bar for socialising and a workshop for creative pursuits.

This blend of luxury and practicality makes it an ideal choice for those who love entertaining and showcasing their passions in style.

Total Area285.46m2
Lot Width15m

Switch your study to a fifth bedroom and make space for family and friends staying over in your brand-new home.

A fifth bedroom means a lot more flexibility with the kids’ friends staying over as well as having grandchildren spend the night with their grandparents.

Total Area285.46m2
Lot Width15m

If you’re looking for some serious storage solutions without compromising your garden views with a big shed, welcome to the workshop edition.

Converting the original floorplan which showcased a study to a space that allows for a workshop, this plan now lends itself well for heavy duty storage in a space that isn’t an eye-sore.

Total Area285.46m2
Lot Width15m

If the first workshop edition just wasn’t enough space for you, we’ve put together the Workshop Pro Edition.

This version of the Casa not only has an additional store but also a triple garage for maximum space.

Exclusive Miele Kitchen

We’ve curated our most popular kitchen upgrades and aligned with Miele to bring you this exclusive offer.
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*Images are for illustrative purposes only as your home will be built to your individual design.
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