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The Benefits of Two Storey Extensions

Posted 8 December 2019


A two storey extension is a great way to add space, value and overhaul your current residence to suit the needs of your family now, and for the years ahead.

Not only can you double your home’s internal living space by creating a whole new area for your family to live but you have the benefit of a modern, new look addition to your home without having to say goodbye to a street or suburb you love.

Adding a second floor extension is a perfect solution if you don’t want to move home, pay real estate agent fees and stamp duty, buy another property and move young children to a new school.

Benefits of a double storey extension include:

Retaining your block size as is

Going up a level has no impact on your land area. You don’t have to sacrifice any backyard space to do so. You already have a structure to work on and you can keep your garden and the kids still have heaps of room to play outdoors.

Creating the feel of a bigger block

Building up, creates the feel of a larger block and house, hence adding value to your home. A taller house can create the illusion of a much bigger block even if it is only a standard 500 square metre lot.

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Add value to your property

As the years go by, the extension will pay for itself in the value it adds to your home.

The common perception of a two storey home compared to a single storey is that it is always more expensive in value.

You might have a single storey home with the exact same bedroom, bathroom and living configurations as a double storey but most buyers will always pay more for a two-storey home due to perceived value.

Create a home that will grow with you and your family

Adding a second level to your home is a great way of future proofing your residence. Many families choose to extend their homes up a level to ensure their abode will accommodate their children throughout their schooling years as a minimum.

Capitalise on views

Take advantage of views where you live. This could be lush green hilltop views at a nearby park, or hill or valley views, or views to the ocean or river. Adding a view, adds value to your property.

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Designing your second level

The two most popular configurations are adding a parent’s retreat comprising of a master suite and living room or creating a children’s domain upstairs.

The beauty of having a parent’s retreat upstairs is not only having a space to unwind but having another living room in another zone of your home.

This is perfect for children when they have different sets of friends over and can utilise the upstairs living room as a TV or games area.

If parents don’t want to live upstairs, another option is adding two children’s bedrooms upstairs and a living room to create a separate zone.

Best of all, the renovations team at Summit Homes can add a second storey while you continue to live in your home.

Summit’s seamless second storey extension prefabricated process is completed offsite to ensure minimal disruption to your daily life – you don’t have to find somewhere else to live while the extension is completed.

Thank you to Summit Homes senior design consultant Angelo Tomassone for your tips for this blog.


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