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What to know how to bring Urban Natural into your home?

Posted 9 April 2019

Bring elements of nature to your home with an Urban Natural style.

Think earthy tones, lots of natural timbers, walnuts, natural stones, such as travertine, sand and pebbles.

The Style Studio by Summit shares their insights as to how to bring your home style back to basics, while taking inspiration from nature.

Prominent Urban Natural colours include travertine flooring, which could be used to pick up warmer tones throughout your home. White cabinetry is essential, as is furniture which could be considered pieces of art.

Walls could be painted in hues derived from the tones of travertine, and do not necessarily have to be whites. In terms of accessories, think plants for greenery. Don’t be scared to implement lots of greenery throughout the space.

To offset this, think about elements of striking black. This could be as simple as a black kitchen handle. Black should be implemented into the space; nothing like an entire black kitchen or surface but subtle additions. Make it something that catches people’s eyes through accessories.

In the bathroom, bring an Urban Natural vibe via a free-standing stone bath, perhaps made from terrazzo with various flecks of speckles. Flooring could be finished in Terracotta with small mosaic detailing, or in a subway format in a herringbone pattern.

For the walls think natural looking wallpaper – Seagrass can take wallpaper to another level. Seagrass is woven in and because it is seagrass, the beauty of it is that you see every roll that is lined, which is part of its charm. Its beauty lies in the fact that it is all natural; it is not man made.

The use of seagrass as a wallpaper must be streamlined and not too over the top. It has to have finesse. It is important with an Urban Natural style that each room relates back to another. Not every room has to have a ‘wow factor’. A simple way to bring Urban Natural styling into a home is through cushions. These can play a big part.

Cushions in a canvas in autumn colours, such as a dark mustard, rhubarb or rosemary are ideal. Rope tassels and braiding on cushions are also perfect. Cushions can work beautifully in a natural space by bringing in different materials that play back to each other quite nicely.


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