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Hedy Legg, owner of Hedroom and partnered interior designer for Summit Homes.

With over 20 years experience in the interior design space, Hedy has assisted in interior design for residential homes, high rise apartments, display homes and commercial projects.

When you build with the Signature Specification, you receive a complimentary consultation with Hedy to ensure that your home has a seamless style throughout and is signature you.

We sat down with Hedy to discuss one of her favourite interior styles, Mid-Century and how through selections, finishes and furniture you can achieve this style.

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Tell us a bit about yourself

I started hedROOM over 20 years ago. Becoming an interior designer started with my family and our involvement within the Art Industry with Galleries and Exhibitions, a beautiful introduction to the world of design.

How are you partnered with Summit New Homes?

I work alongside Summit clients who sign up to the Signature Specification. We spend a few hours together going through all the selections, ensuring a seamless result that suits the client and their style.

What is your favourite thing about interior design?

I love the diversity and being such an integral part of the home building process. There is nothing more fulfilling than bringing someone’s ideas and seeing their thoughts come to life.

What are some unique trends you’ve seen in your time?

The craziest trends I have seen was the introduction of PVC into the building world through; plastic rock walls, plastic aged beams, plastic feature timber work… Thank goodness that was short-lived.

A few inclusions in our signature specification

> Complimentary interior design consultation

> Reverse cycle air conditioning

> Vertical, slimlines venetians or roller binds

> Carpets to all bedrooms, theatre and study areas

> Stone benchtops in laundry

> Caroma inset vanity basins to bathroom and ensuite

Download the full list of inclusions

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