The delightful couple Andy and Gerda Norris lived in the quaint town of Eaton, not far from Edenlife Australind. We share their lovely journey to their new home at Edenlife Australind in the pursuit of the lifestyle that is perfect for them. They opened up with their story, exploring their backgrounds, the decision-making process behind choosing Edenlife, the moving experience, and their favourite aspects of their new home.

Meeting in ’72: A Love Story

Andy and Gerda’s story began in 1972 in a motorcycle workshop where Andy held the position of Foreman and Gerda, the friendly Receptionist. Originating from different corners of the world—Andy, a proud Manxman, and Gerda, hailing from the Netherlands—their love blossomed, leading to marriage a few years later. Fast forward to 2008, the couple retired and headed south to Eaton, setting the stage for their later encounter with Edenlife Australind.

Choosing Edenlife

After traversing the expanses of Australia, from Queensland to Tasmania, in search of the ideal Lifestyle Village, the couple was on the verge of giving up hope. However, fate had other plans, and a second look at Edenlife Australind rekindled their excitement. The facilities, pricing structure and warm atmosphere instantly appealed to them. They made an immediate connection with the friendly staff which made the decision easy.

The Seamless Transition

Once the decision was made, the process of moving was surprisingly smooth. The staff played pivotal roles, providing invaluable assistance to make the transition seamless. The Norrises found comfort in the supportive community, making their move to Edenlife a positive and stress-free experience.

The Joy of Living in Edenlife Australind

Now settled in their new home, Andy and Gerda revel in the friendly ambience surrounding them. The community is vibrant, offering a plethora of activities and social events. They enjoy the freedom to engage in these activities or simply savour the tranquillity, finding both security and a sense of camaraderie among their neighbours.

Tips for Downsizing

Reflecting on their downsizing journey, Andy and Gerda share valuable advice for those contemplating a similar move. They emphasise the importance of making the decision to downsize sooner rather than later. In the community, a common sentiment echoes, “We should have done it years ago.” Downsizing, they assert, is a seamless process once the bold decision is made, and the Norrises are delighted they took that step.

The story of Andy and Gerda Norris showcases the beauty of embracing change and finding the perfect place to call home. Edenlife Australind has become not just a residence but a haven of joy, community, and cherished memories for this delightful couple. Their journey inspires others to explore new horizons, make bold decisions, and discover their own slice of paradise.