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RenovationsTips and Advice

How to Get Council Approval for a House Extension

When it comes to renovations and house extensions, one of the most significant phases starts well before the construction process….

BuildingNew Homes

Multi-generational home designs

What is a multi-generational home? Multi-generational living is a lifestyle where multiple generations of a family reside together in a…

BuildingRenovationsTips and Advice

Unveiling the Design Trends of 2024: Crafting Timeless Spaces for Your Lifestyle

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, the quest for tranquillity within our homes has become more paramount than ever.

New HomesTips and Advice

How to get your existing home ready for multi-generational living

Multi-generational living is a lifestyle where multiple generations of a family reside together under one roof. It’s defined by the…


Finding Eden: A Journey to Edenlife Australind with Andy & Gerda Norris

The delightful couple Andy and Gerda Norris lived in the quaint town of Eaton, not far from Edenlife Australind. We…


Taking Tiny Homes to a new level

In an age of economic uncertainty, housing shortages, and growing environmental and sustainability concerns, Tiny Homes by Summit Modular may provide a solution that an increasing number of people are looking for.


How to Subdivide your Property

Planning a subdivision project? Subdividing land is a popular avenue for land development in Western Australia, but it can be…

New Homes

The rise of multigenerational living

What is a multigenerational home? What are the benefits of building one, and what can you expect to be different…

Granny Flats

What to include in your Granny flat design

Granny flats have come a long way from their humble beginnings, evolving into luxurious, comfortable, and functional living spaces that…

BuildingNew Homes

Top 5 questions on council planning & approvals for your new home

When it comes to building a new home, a major step in the pre-construction process is council planning and approvals….

RenovationsTips and Advice

How to make sure your renovation plans get council approval?

When starting the process of renovating of a new home, a significant phase within the pre-construction process involves council planning…

Granny Flats

Adding value to your property with a Granny Flat

We all know who they were initially intended for, but granny flats can be so much more than a place…

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