Steel Frame Roofing

We’re leading the revolution in WA with steel frame roofing.

As part of the Summit Homes Group, for almost 40 years, we’ve been renowned for building homes from the bottom up. But because we are WA’s most innovative builder we are designing them from the top down too, literally starting from the roof.

Our single-minded commitment to building homes of the highest quality is unwavering, so we're always seeking the most effective and efficient processes. That's why we're now offering a fully engineered steel roofing system option on our homes. Just like us, it's innovative, strong, safe and durable.


With our massive buying power, we can offer our clients all the benefits of steel for the same cost as timber.

Benefits of Steel Frame Roofing



Termite proof

Termite & European House Borer proof


Safe and durable product

Non-combustible so ideal for bushfire prone areas - ask us about our fixed price BAL rating


Minimal delays

Built in a weather-proof purpose-built facility, operating 24 hours a day


Fast installation

Getting you into your new home sooner


Unique design capabilities

Ability to create innovative & non conventional roof lines


Quality engineering

Precision engineered to be dimensionally accurate


Much cleaner building site

Off-site fabrication ensures less mess and waste


Engineer's certificate

Your roof will be built to the exact specification


Steel is recyclable

We efficiently remove all off-cuts off-site & recycle them


No additional cost

For Summit Homes Group clients - enjoy the peace-of-mind of steel for the same cost as a traditional timber roof

A Summit Homes Group trade secret, in partnership with Bluescope

In partnership with Bluescope, customers have the option to install fully engineered steel frame roofing systems into their new home. Steel frames have been installed in commercial building for many years. Rest assured, steel frames are a safe, reliable and proven process that significantly saves ongoing home maintenance.

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Steel Frame Brochure

Download a PDF copy of our Steel Frame brochure

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