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Modern Homes

Bring your tired and outdated home back into the 21st century. 

A contemporary makeover

Tired of your home’s lack of space? Sick of living on top of another? Or is your home in need of better flow and functionality, a kitchen with all the mod-cons or a renovated bathroom?

Improve the way you live while increasing the value of your home with a modern home renovation with Summit. Modernising your home is a great reason to undertake a renovation if you’re planning to stay in your forever home, as you’ll enjoy the huge lifestyle benefits that come with it.

Or should you choose to sell, the financial benefits of your home improvements will also likely follow. There’s more than one way to be modern, & the Summit renovations team is here to show you how.

Talk to the experts

For more than 40 years', the experts at Summit have helped thousands of WA homeowners transform their homes into a modern space in keeping with today’s way of living.

Masters at working with the home design you have, our  team has many options to skillfully create a new design to better suit your lifestyle.

Many circa 1970s and 80s built homes lack open space and feature very small rooms and a segregated layout.

Designing an open plan layout by removing walls, relocating a kitchen, installing new windows or removing pillars – whatever the renovation may be, the options are endless and we are here to make your home work for you.

New lease on life

Adding a second storey to your existing home is just one of the many ways you can take your home from drab to fab.

Building upwards can be the smart solution instead of moving, because you can give your family more room to move, without having to actually make a move.

While rendering external and internal brickwork, or adding an entry portico are popular ways to bring a new lease of life to your home. Many dated homes lack a connection between living areas and an alfresco areas.

A smart extension can create a connection between your living areas and backyard and create a family haven.



Style Studio Inspiration

To discover more about the endless ways you can overhaul your outdated home, visit the Style Studio by Summit, where you can explore and research almost every aspect of building, renovating or extending.

Look, feel and touch real life products in-situ from tiles, tapware, flooring, window treatments and benchtops right through to design inspiration of the latest renovation techniques that will make up your beautiful home.

Let us make your home renovation dreams a reality, by getting in touch with one of our expert designers. 

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