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Renovating is one of the biggest and most rewarding tasks you can undertake in your home journey. Deciding on whether renovating is the right choice for you means finding out key information around costs, timelines and what is possible for your home. We've collated our 40 years' of experience in renovating to help you choose.

How much does a renovation cost?

Each renovation journey is different, as they are tailored specifically to your needs and budget. Once you have met with your designer and plans have been drawn, we will provide a fixed price and timeline for the project so you know exactly what the cost and timeframes are. Summit Renovations focus on modern extensions, two-storey additions and character homes; these projects start at $150,000.00 to help you understand what you need to get started.

Can I live in my home when it is being renovated?

Depending on your project and timeframe, there is the option for you to stay in your home while it is being renovated. Your designer will be able to provide some information on what will be best for you.

Do I need Council approval?

Our designers offer the complete home renovation process. This means we cover everything, from concept to council approvals to construction. 

Should I renovate or demolish and rebuild my home?

If you love your suburb but not your home, it can be tricky to decide what your best option is. At Summit we offer both renovations and the option to demolish and rebuild. This decision is ultimately up to you, your lifestyle needs and budget. One of our consultants will be more than happy to provide some information on what options would work best for you.

What is a second-storey extension?

If you are looking for more space but don’t have extra room on your block, a second storey addition might be perfect for you. Our experienced designers can tailor a design to suit your existing home. A second-storey space can be anything you want – the ultimate parent’s retreat, an extra room to take advantage of your view, or a children’s wing. Your second-storey pod is made up in the on-site factory at Summit, Backbone Steel. It is then transported to your home and installed with a crane. Sounds exciting? You can watch some of our second-storey installs here.

second-storey additions

What kind of renovations does Summit offer?


Whether you're considering building, renovating or developing our experts can guide answer any questions you might have.

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