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Case Study: Grouped Housing, Cannington

Creative solution to common property

Creative solution to common property

Development Type: Grouped Housing
Zone: R30
Land Area: 2100m2
Housing Type: 7, 3 x 2 single-storey units

Due to the extent of common property required, it was necessary for the client to purchase a truncation of 18m2 of land from the Council in order to obtain the minimum lot area of 270m2. The client was also required to request a 5% dispensation from the City of Canning on one of the blocks to fit the seventh unit on.

The result was a design which featured three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a combined kitchen, meals and living area. 

All units have an internal living are of between 100 and 103m2, plus double garage, porch and store giving them a total area of approximately 145m2 per unit. The units are finished off with face brick/render and tiled rooves.


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