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Case Study: Two Storey Extension, Wembley

New Heights in Wembley

New Heights in Wembley

Future proofing their home for their growing young family was the top priority for Mark and Fiona when they met with Summit about renovating their circa 1930s Wembley abode.

The remarkable transformation has not only allowed the family to stay in their beloved neighbourhood with an array of extra living space, but their home’s new lease of life has generated plenty of positive feedback from locals.

Creating a seamless flow and bringing in light were among the top requirements of the renovation, with the extension successfully retaining the home’s 1930s charm.

“The façade really kept the integrity of the period of the house. We’ve had lots of visitors come by and comment on how the second story just fits in seamlessly, which is really nice,” Fiona said.

Mark and Fiona chose Summit to complete their renovation because they liked that design consultant Angelo was open to their ideas, coupled with the fact that their second storey extension would be manufactured at Summit’s purpose-built factory in Myaree, equating to a shorter onsite construction timeframe.

“I think the way our second storey was constructed in Summit’s factory, whilst in such a timely manner, and being able to still live in the home (during the renovation), was all so practical,” Fiona said.

“It’s ideal and more cost effective.”

Initially, Mark and Fiona’s vision was to add a laundry and bathroom to their home of more than seven years but after meeting with Angelo, they realised adding a second storey would better suit their needs.

“We had a look at what else could be flexible. We wanted to make use of our current loft space and then Angelo said, ‘You’d be better off just going up’,” Fiona said

“And then we started looking at different plans and ideas and then we thought, ‘Wow actually we could put ourselves upstairs and then we thought, “No, we are actually going to change that and we’ll put the kids, who have lost of energy to run up the stairs, upstairs.

“These days children live with their parents for many years, often into adulthood, so we wanted to create an area that would give them space now and for the many years to come.”

Zoning living spaces for their two children, eight-year-old Ben and five-year-old Sophie, has been a great success with the loft area not only serving as a storage space, but a den for Ben well.

Construction took place during the winter months and Fiona said it was a smooth experience.

“It was always going to be a bit dusty and messy but I think it was contained really nicely,” she said.

Mark said the renovation was the fourth he had completed over the years and found Summit, in particular construction manager Russell, responsive and attentive.

“Our overall experience with Summit has been truly outstanding and this has largely been contributed to by a few people, with Russell being one of them,” he said.

“Ten out of ten would be the right score for Russell, Angelo and Irina.”

“We are just walking around thinking, ‘This is what we had always wanted’,” Fiona said.

“We’ve got a beautiful home in a beautiful suburb – what more could you want?”

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