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Case Study: Modern Home, Rossmoyne

Real Life Renovations: Yen & Steven

Real Life Renovations: Yen & Steven

Summit Designer Charlie Haddad talks about the benefits of ArchiCAD, a 3D walk-thru program that helps
clients visualise their new renovation. See the incredible transformation of this Rossmoyne home with before photos,
the 3D modelling and the beautifully finished home at completion. 


How did you come to the decision to renovate your home and what were some of the issues you were facing with the original home design and style?

We purchased our beautiful 1972 home in Rossmoyne almost three years ago and decided pretty early on that the house required extensive renovations to suit our lifestyle. We lived in the home for about five months before demolition and reconstruction started.

We had a temporary wall while Stage 1 renovations were undertaken. This was an option that we were not previously aware of and saved us thousands of dollars as we didn’t have to move out and find a rental property whilst the home was being renovated.

It also provided us with the opportunity to be on site during construction for any issues that may have risen and for those to be dealt with quickly.

The original design didn’t have any connection to the outdoors, with poorly positioned windows and doors which let in a lot of heat and small rooms which were not conductive to how we want to live and use our home.

We found the original dark clinker brick particularly oppressive and we weren’t really sure how to best make our home work to suit our lifestyle.

Have you renovated before? If so, how did this compare to previous times? Or if not, how did you find renovating for the first time?

We had undertaken renovation to bathrooms and an outdoor area in our previous house, but not to the extent of the renovations we undertook with Summit.

It was great to have a designer and construction manager on hand for all the tricky and technical questions we had.

Can you give a bit of insight into the work that was involved with your renovation?

The whole house was gutted and renovated with only external walls remaining. Other than a bedroom and formal lounge staying in the original space, all the other rooms and living areas were reconstructed to take advantage of natural light and to connect the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

We created multi-generational spaces to suit our family whilst providing maximum flexibility and comfort. We also created shared spaces and areas that could be used for specific purposes such a theatre room and an additional living area.

You had access to a 3D design program called ArchiCAD which allows you to see the final design and style of your renovation in-situ. How did you find this part of the experience with Summit?

Summit was the only company who offered us the ArchiCAD experience.  It was a really good visualisation tool and helped us try a number of aesthetic looks such as Hamptons, Mid-Century modern etc.

Given the amount of money we were spending on the renovation, it was important for us to visualise our home once complete, so we played with different colours, materials and texture combinations to ensure we were happy with the final product.


How did the 3D walk-thru help you feel confident with your new home design and style?

We invited Charlie to visit our original home so he was able to conceptualise and design our renovation according to the elements we wanted addressed.

Once Charlie had our proposed plan up on ArchiCAD, he walked us through the design in the Style Studio and sent us the program so we could also view the 3D plan in our own time which was really helpful.

It helped us to visualise the available space to ensure we had sufficient room to move and could accommodate any existing furniture, as well as visualise where windows and doors would be placed. 

It made us feel very comfortable with our choices and in reality, we think the design and colour combinations turned out beautifully.

How’s was your experience from start to finish with Summit?

It was great to work with our designer Charlie, who really took the time to listen to our needs. Charlie was able to bring our vision to life and now we have a home we love.

Nothing was ever too minor to consider consequently. There was also very little changes from the original concept to the final design, which indicated his ability to listen to the needs of our family.

How long has it been since Summit completed your renovation? Overall, how do you feel about your newly renovated home?

Our renovation was completed mid-2020. Overall, our experience with Summit was seamless.

Charlie made the whole process very enjoyable and was consistently available to address our many questions, often at all hours of the day given our busy work schedules. He was there to answer any technical questions we had and never made us feel like amateurs, even though we were.

Every time we walk in the house it’s a pleasure knowing its our forever home.


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