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Case Study: Two Storey Extension, Fremantle

Two storey extension in Fremantle

Two storey extension in Fremantle

Tell us a bit about your renovation journey with Summit. Why did you choose Summit? How did you hear about Summit? How long had you lived in the home before renovating it?

We had owned the home for a little over a year before we decided to start the renovation journey. We bought the home on the “potential” – knowing we wanted to make some drastic renovations from the first viewing.

After a simple Google search, we made contact with Summit and a handful of other builders, and the communication we received from Summit was second to none. Not long after that we met with our design consultant, Charlie who was positive with ideas, which helped get a plan together.

We made quite a few changes to the design along the way and Charlie was more than willing to accommodate. The 3D walk through model was a great tool as we were able to visualise the space and see how we would enjoy our newly renovated home. 

How did you find your overall experience with Summit? From dealing with your designer who customised a plan suited to your existing home, through to the construction phase with your Site Supervisor?

It was honestly a fantastic experience from start to finish. Every team member we dealt with were fantastic. From Charlie right in the beginning to Irina who looked after the administration side and Adam our site supervisor during construction.

They all understood our vision, took on board our opinions and did their best to find solutions personalised to us. 


How did Summit help bring the vision of your renovation to life? Did Summit meet your expectations when it came to renovating your home?

Summit simply listened! They listened and provided advice when we had questions! Summit definitely met our expectations during the project.

You hear of so many people who have big issues when developing, but we have no stories like that at all! The team were always available and very approachable.

What were you looking for in a builder to renovate your home? Have you renovated before? If so, how was the experience compared to last time? And if not, how did you find the renovation experience for the first time?

We were looking for a building who could offer a complete renovation package, someone to manage the whole process. We didn’t have the experience to manage trades ourselves, or realistically have the time with us both working.

This was our first renovation (we built from new at our last home). The couple of minor issues we had were communicated to us quickly and openly which we greatly appreciated. 


How did you feel when you moved in? How was your reaction as well as the reaction from your friends and family?

We love the feel of the home and how everything came together. Visitors can’t believe the size of our property now – it's very deceiving from the front.

We are still in awe of the finishes throughout such as the exposed interior wall and open staircase, it really makes the home. As soon as the renovations were complete, we instantly felt at home, like we had lived there for years. 

Now that you’ve been in your new home for nearly a year, how do you still feel about your renovated home? Is it a home you can see yourself in for many years to come?

Yes, we're very happy with our newly renovated home. We love all the extra space we now have from having a second storey extension! 



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