Price Hold Guarantee

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At Summit Homes Group, we’re built around people and we recognise that building a home is one of life’s biggest and most exciting investments. We are committed to guaranteeing not only quality of service and professionalism, but also an extended fixed price hold period.

With the significant shift in volumes in the WA building industry, there has been immense pressure on our industry’s supply chain, causing delays and price pressures from trades and suppliers. At Summit Homes Group, we continue to work hard to manage our work flow, retain and attract leading suppliers and people to ensure we deliver a home that Summit Homes Group and our customers can be proud of.

Our Price Hold Guarantee offers customers peace of mind knowing their price will be fixed for 6 months to obtain all approvals to commence construction and is fixed for the duration of the build.

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The Price Hold Guarantee requires the below milestones, terms and conditions to be met within the stipulated time-frame (6 months from PPA Date);

Owner supplies

  • No owner supplied items or works


  • No variations between PPA and Contract being issued (minor changes may be accepted by Management however these must be finalised and signed by client within 7 calendar days of PPA date)
  • No structural variations post Contract signing (minor structural amendments accepted, via Post Contract Variation Request within 2 days of Contract Signing)


  • Execute Building Contract (must be executed within a maximum of 7 days of the Contract being issued)


  • Water, Developer and all Shire Approvals obtained


  • Unconditional Finance Approval provided to Builder


  • Confirmation of Land Settlement in Owners name/s


Complete prestart meeting and finalise all selections


  • Signed final documentation
  • Meet all other contractual obligations relating to site access to commence construction (for example, but not limited to, planning approval process, demolition, availability of power and water)

Inability to meet the above milestones, terms and conditions will void this Guarantee and revert to standard PPA and Contractual time-frames, conditions and clauses.

  • Offer Valid from 01 July 2023. This offer is valid for a limited time and can be withdrawn without notice.
  • Building Contract to be presented within 120 calendar days of PPA date otherwise this offer will be null and void and standard contractual time-frames will apply.
  • Projects with projected title issue longer than 6 months at PPA date will not reach final approval by the period. Builder reserves the right to produce a Building Contract following Practical Completion of the project’s lot.
  • Certain variations to R-Codes will require a Planning Approval from the local authority before a Building Contract can be completed. This is at the discretion of the Builder.
  • No promotional homes or retail discounting will apply in conjunction with this offer.
  • Builder reserves the right to review validity of this offer upon submission of the project.
  • This Guarantee is not applicable to provisional sum items and any unforeseen costs related to, but not limited to, site-works, engineers, compliance and re-selections due to discontinued products.
  • Offer applicable for New Homes brands (Easystart Homes, New Generation Homes, Summit Homes and Summit Southwest). Developments, Granny Flats and Home Improvements are subject to standard contractual time-frames
  • Lifetime means the current house price at date from signed Preparation of Plans Agreement and concludes at Key Handover of an individual contract
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