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Go into building with a

few tricks up your sleeve

With 45 years of experience under the belt, our New Homes Consultants have seen it, and built it all. Clients looking to build today are much more hungry for detailed information to help them make a decision on the right home for them.

And so the team decided to put together their knowledge and expertise into several free, downloadable guides for you to peruse to make you feel more confident about building.

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Lifestyle, personal style, locations, budgets; our team have considered them all.

Download one of our free professional guides and get ahead in the building journey.

Customise your design

If off the plan isn’t working for you (perhaps you have a design you’ve dreamt up) then you can have your design customised by a professional. Read about timelines and process in the Customise Your Design guide

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Homes designed for children

What differences does a family friendly home have? What should you include in your home for future family plans?

Get the insider tips from award-winning consultant and mother, Nat Scott on her favourite family features when designing a home for a family.

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Guide to inner-city lots

Perhaps your heart is set on living close to the city in a well-established suburb, close to family and friends. This option makes finding a floorplan a little more tricky, and there is a whole list of items you need to carefully consider when going about envisioning your new home.

Download the guide to inner-city lots to make sure you have all the facts.

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Guide to house and land

Block, lot, land – there are many terms which refer to the perfect location for your new home. Blocks of land come in all shapes and sizes, prices and orientations and so understanding what’s what before purchasing your piece of land is really important.

The guide to house and land takes into consideration design aligning with orientation and location supporting lifestyle.

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Multi-generational living guide

More and more these days, multi-generational families are living under one roof. It means more time spent with loved ones, reduced costs and more.

The guide to multi-generational living helps with floorplans that match the requirements of the families living in them, that ensure everyone gets their privacy and which fit on your block.

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Demo/ rebuild guide

Do you love where you live but know that your home needs a lot of work?

What are the first steps? What are the key planning requirements? What are the benefits of a new home over an existing older home?

The demo/ rebuild guide helps answer all of these important questions.

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Architectural features guide

What are your top 4 favourite features and why/what do they bring to the home? Where to best incorporate features and why?

Which features give you the best value for money and how much do they cost?

Download the architectural features guide to find out how you can achieve your dream home look.

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