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* This is a guide only. For more information please speak to your new homes consultant as each site may vary.

Brick build up

When it is necessary to construct a garage/house wall on a boundary that requires retaining, it is not structurally possible to build a panel and post precast retaining wall with a brick garage / house wall on top of the retaining wall. The solution is to pour a concrete footing on the boundary, and build a brick wall up to the floor level of the home and then construct the garage / house wall directly on top of the brick retaining wall.


Soakwells are made of concrete come in various sizes from 900x900 to 1800x1800 and can weigh up to 700kgs. As they are so heavy they need to be put into place with a mini digger or small crane.

The process for installing soakwells is as follows. A large hole needs to be dug out to put the soakwells in, the sand that comes out of these holes then needs to be disposed of. Once the soakwells have been put in place all of the down pipes have to be plumbed into the soakwells, this process involves digging up the ground to lay the pipes and then connecting all the pipes to the soakwell. The size and number of soakwells required is dependent on the roof and paving areas, therefore this needs to be calculated by a structural engineer.

Site Re-Peg & Unit Set-Out

This involves a Licensed Surveyor reconfirming the lot boundaries to accurately establish the location of the proposed slab/footings. Assuming that the fences are in the correct position is not acceptable.

Materials Handling

If the access to the building area is restricted due to limited width, or site slope, and it becomes necessary to double handle materials then Summit Homes will have to allow for additional costs to cover this.

Additional Fees

Council Planning Fee

Fee payable to Council's Town Planning Department to assess the plans to issue Development Approval.

Headworks Fee

Fee payable to Water Corporation, could be seen as a land development contribution to Water Corporation's infrastructure expenses.

Western Power Dome Fee

Fee payable to Western Power – could be seen as a land development contribution to Western Power.

Concrete Pump Hire

Concrete pump hire is necessary if concrete needs to be delivered to areas which are not accessible by the use of a truck. This is usually a provisional sum, if the concrete pump is not used you will not be charged the allowed amount.


Earthworks is the process of levelling and compacting the ground in preparation for the concrete slab to be poured. This process can include the following:

  • Site scrape – to remove tree roots, debris organic matter if it is not included with demolition
  • Removing rather than scraping the first 100mm of soil
  • Removal of the surplus soil from the site – this will also need to be disposed of If soil has been removed clean fill may need to be bought to the site
  • Preparation of the sand pad – the depth of a sand pad will depend on the engineer's recommendations. The sand pad then needs to be machine compacted and certified by an Engineer to ensure the earth has been prepared correctly for the construction of the development.

Limestone Access Track

Limestone Access Track consists of crushed limestone aggregates which form a base for vehicular access onto the site. This will also be used as a sub-base for the brick paved areas.


Sewer Connection

Sewer connection involves connecting internal sewer into the appropriate ministers sewer junction.

External Water Services

External water service is the process of connecting internal water runs from the water meter to the proposed dwelling.

Gas Run-Ins

This allows for the provision of gas runs into the property.

External Electrical Services

External Electrical Services is the provision of power to the site, it involves installing runs of electrical cabling from the dome to the meter box.Telephone Provision - This is the cost to install conduit/draw wire from the Telstra pit into the proposed dwelling.


Cross-over refers to the brick paved or concrete transition from the kerb to the front lot boundary.

Footpath Kerb Re-instate

This is an allowance which may be used in the event that the footpath and/or kerb require rectification at the completion of the job. As this is a provisional sum, if this is not required then you will not be charged for this item.

Retaining Walls

When there is any slope on a site and the builder is doing a "cut and fill" to level the building area, and it becomes necessary to prevent sand from resting on a boundary fence when filling, or when excavating material away from the base of a fence when cutting the site. It is required that the builder protects the adjoining neighbour's property, and prevents the fences from being pushed over or damaged.

Traffic Management

Traffic management is a requirement stipulated by Main Roads department. This entails regulating and controlling the traffic during the delivery of materials to the site.

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By providing your email address you are consenting to receive marketing communications from Summit Homes in future, on the understanding that you have read and agree to our Privacy Policy and that you can opt-out at any time.

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