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A company built around people and their values.

At Summit Homes, we are all about building dreams. We understand that to do this we need the best people, which is why we strive to provide the best.  From our estimators to our trades; client liaison, factory workers and everyone in between, we ensure that our staff are not only proud of where they work, but they also love what they do.

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Getting you ahead

At Summit, we pride ourselves on our happy work culture. We want you to enjoy your work day and understand that each team and each team member makes a difference to someone’s life. This is why we provide you with all the skills you need to further develop your career.


As we are a family owned and operated company, we understand that everyone needs a little flexibility. Which is why we offer flexible work hours, so you can schedule us around your family life, rather than the other way round. In fact, you can pick your start and finish time and work your own 37.5 hour week.


At Summit, you will be working with some of the brightest minds around. We believe in creative, teamwork and open, honest communication. This provides our staff with the ability to get to know every section of the company, from how the steel in our factory is made, to construction and design techniques.

Our values

We worked with our staff to develop our values, to ensure they fully capture what our Built Around People philosophy means

Do the right thing
Love what you do
Deliver Awesome
Think outside the box
Make it happen
Work as one

Do the right thing

Building dream homes is a privilege we take seriously, we trust all our staff to act with integrity and do the right thing.

Love what you do

Being one of Australia’s best places to work, our staff genuinely enjoy coming into work every day.

Deliver awesome

We don’t want you to just like your new home, we want you to love it, which is why our staff aim to deliver the best build journey in WA.

Think outside the box

We pride ourselves on our innovative building and construction methods, our staff are a creative bunch who think outside the box.

Make it happen

Our staff are dedicated and enthusiastic and work hard to make our clients dream homes a reality.

Work as one

It sounds cheesy but we really are a family at Summit, we all work together to provide the best build journey for WA.

What makes us different?

Being family owned and operated means that our staff are treated as family. We believe every staff member should be appreciated for helping to build dream homes for WA families. Whether you work in Accounts, Marketing, Sales or Construction, everyone at Summit is helping to build a dream. We believe in working together and having fun to ensure every home we build is completed to the highest standard.


Having been around for over 40 years’ provides a sense of stability to our staff. We plan to be around for another 40 years’, providing not just homes, but also jobs for WA families.

Not too corporate

Being family owned & operated, we tend to do things a bit differently. All our management have a policy of being approachable and open. We focus on the things that matter & make sure everyone has fun along the way.

Summit Community

At Summit, everyone is working to make a difference. Whether for our clients, our staff or our community, we always strive to help in any way we can.

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