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The importance of location in family-friendly home building

It’s essential to acknowledge that the location you select for your family home can significantly impact its long-term value. Homes situated in well-established, family-friendly communities tend to possess greater resale potential. This is due to the attractive appeal of a safe environment, proximity to amenities, top-rated schools and a strong sense of community.

According to REIWA, over the past 12 months, Busselton has seen an 8.7% increase in sales growth and a 6.3% increase in rental growth.

The growth in these statistics alone demonstrates that Busselton is an excellent choice for establishing a family home.

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School districts and educational opportunities

When it comes to families, ensuring access to quality education is a top priority. Busselton proudly offers a range of public and private schools that accommodate to a diverse range of learning needs.

Schools in the Busselton community include;

  • St Mary Mackillop College
  • Geographe Primary School
  • Busselton Senior High School
  • West Busselton Primary School
  • Georgiana Molloy Anglican School

Assessing proximity to amenities: Parks, recreation, and shopping centres

Residing in close proximity to amenities enriches family life in numerous ways, the primary advantage being their ability to enhance the value and desirability of your property. The higher the quality of amenities surrounding your property, the greater its potential for increased value, a significant asset when considering resale.

Not only is Busselton blessed with a beautiful waterfront including calm, white-sand beaches, superb whale watching and a lively foreshore with beachside cycle paths, it also has a buzzing cultural hub with a great food and wine scene.

Busselton is surrounded by an array of amenities such as; parks, playgrounds, beaches, and community centres, all within a short distance of each other.


Beach areas


  • Bussell Highway
  • Busselton Airport

These spaces encourage outdoor play, social interaction, and a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, having shopping centres within easy reach means that your daily essentials are conveniently accessible.

Neighbourhood safety and walkability

Busselton’s inviting neighbourhoods provide both safety and walkability, allowing your family the freedom to explore the area without worry.

Living in a safe neighbourhood provides peace of mind and is very important for developing and influencing a child’s growth and development. Growing up in communities with poor safety and a high crime rate will mean that you and your family may experience immediate, direct and intense interactions with individuals, impacting your well-being.

Reviewing up-to-date suburb profiles becomes imperative when assessing potential neighbourhoods for your new home. This can provide you with valuable insights into safety, crime statistics, community policing efforts and more. A well-connected community with solid safety measures not only fosters a sense of security but also elevates the overall quality of life within the area.

Considering community involvement and family-oriented events

Busselton’s strong community spirit is evident in its family-oriented events and activities. Whether it’s the Busselton Farmers Market, community sports, or cultural festivals, there’s a constant array of opportunities for families to engage in and enjoy together. This feeling of belonging not only enhances your family’s experiences but can also have a favourable influence on the value of your home.

Selecting the ideal community for your Busselton family home

When searching for a family home, selecting the right location is paramount for its long-term value. Areas that are family-friendly, safe, close to reputable schools and easy access to amenities are highly sought after and have better resale potential.

Building a home in Busselton is a great choice and has seen an upsurge in sales and rental growth in the past year. The area is home to a variety of public and private schools, parks, beaches, and shopping centres that can enhance your family’s lifestyle and augment your property’s value. Additionally, residing in a secure and walkable neighbourhood with a vibrant community spirit can have a positive impact on your family’s well-being and experiences. If you are considering building in Busselton, talk to the award-winning Busselton Builders.

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