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So, you’ve come to the realisation that your home is no longer big enough for your family’s lifestyle and needs, but your location is ideal and you have no desire to move out.

Perhaps you need the extra space for your adult children who plan on staying at home, a private parent’s retreat where you can escape for peace and quiet or it’s time to consider where your ageing parents will live as they enter their later years. Planning home renovations in Perth have several options and factors tied to them for each home to consider.

It might be that your home is looking tired and dated, or it has potential tree-top, city or river views, and by adding a second storey extension you will not only enhance its street appeal, but also add considerable value to your property.

Regardless of the motivations behind your pursuit of a second-storey addition in Perth, the choice between expanding your existing home or moving elsewhere remains a prevalent dilemma faced by homeowners.

Before embarking on any major decisions, Summit Renovations has compiled the key factors to consider. These considerations encompass the decision between relocating and selling your current home versus undertaking renovations in Perth.

  • Moving costs
  • Real estate agent fees
  • Thousands of dollars in stamp duty on your new home
  • Settlement agent and bank fees.

For these reasons, incorporating a second-storey addition to your home is not only less disruptive, but also a potential time and cost-saving measure.



Consider your options with a modular second-storey addition.

One of the many benefits of adding a second storey extension to your home through Summit Renovations, is the game-changing modular building process the team can implement to take your home to new heights.

Backbone Steel, Summit’s factory which operates 24/7, becomes the base where your second storey addition (when you choose a modular renovation) is constructed and then delivered to your home for installation. This innovative approach allows you to comfortably reside in your home during the entire renovation process without disruption until the pod is ready to be craned on. This is a real financial advantage as a homeowner, having the ability to stay in your home and avoid living in a rental property whilst your renovation takes place.

From the delivery and installation of your pod, your staircase is installed and all services connected, so you’re free to enjoy your second storey addition within a matter of weeks.

Summit Renovations have been doing this for over 45 years. The team are experts at custom designing your second storey addition in Perth so that it seamlessly blends into your existing home, as if it’s always been there.

If you’re wondering what that process might look like, watch some of our clients’ experiences to help you visualise your own.


Watch here




What is a modular second-storey addition and what is the process?

A modular second-storey addition is built off-site at our steel factory, Backbone Steel. By combining the strength of Australian Bluescope TRUECORE® Steel, with the advanced thermalproperties of MasterWall, we offer a stronger, superior finish.

Watch Summit Renovations’ video on building your second storey addition on-site versus in the Summit steel factory to learn more about the pros and cons of each option.


“To see our home go from a single storey to two storey extension in just one day was very impressive. People drove to work in the morning to come home to see an amazing second storey extension on our home.”

– Bryce and Claire Milford


Why choose the Summit Renovations second storey addition modular process?

With Summit Renovations, you’ll be working with accredited and award-winning designers who can offer you a seamless experience with 3D-visualisations and a process where you won’t have to move out of your home with the modular addition being built at the Summit steel factory off-site from your home.

Whether you have a character home, an ’80s mid-century modern or any kind of home whose style is hard to find in the market, the Summit Designers have the skill-set which allows them to match your new addition to the existing home.

Summit has over 45 years of construction and building for Western Australians and offers you and your home the very best of construction techniques.

You can watch the assembly of a second storey addition pod in the Summit Renovations factory in Perth to help you understand the Summit difference.

Watch the video


The second-storey addition process

1. Construction
Comfortably live in your home while we construct your upper floor extension in our purpose built, allweather facility at our Myaree headquarters. We manufacture our steel frames in our factory which can operate 24 hours a day, and this controlled environment not only ensures the frames are built to exact specifications but helps reduce the chance of delays.


2. Delivery
Your second storey extension is delivered directly to your door and craned into place in just a few short hours. The key advantage of this method of building is that you can stay living in your home whilst the upperstorey module is being constructed offsite. This is a real financial benefit to homeowners, particularly if they need to rent another property whilst they’re waiting for their home renovation to finish.

3. Completion
It’s pretty amazing to watch a home transform over such a short period of time. As a homeowner, it’s astonishing to depart for work in the morning and return in the evening to find a fully framed second story in place. Subsequently, with the completion of the staircase and service connections, your new home extension can be finalised within a matter of weeks.



Client Stories

When you are doing your research about your renovation, seeing what other people have done with their homes can really clarify and inspire your own vision. Throughout the 45 years Summit has been building homes for Western Australians, we have captured the stories of hundreds of clients and the journey they went on with us.

Browse our client stories to find inspiration and reimagine your home with Summit Renovations.


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