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Bunbury is truly one of Western Australia’s hidden coastal treasures. Abundant with natural beauty, recreational activities, cultural experiences, and community – it is renowned for instilling a sense of place. Whether you’re looking to raise a family, deepen your community connections, or spend more time barefoot in nature, Bunbury offers the very essence we all yearn for when life is moving a little too fast.

Introducing 5 of Bunbury’s most sought after suburbs

If you’re considering a move to Bunbury, you’ll undoubtedly want to explore everything that this beautiful port city has to offer. When you do, you’ll quickly realise that Bunbury is not just a city, rather a collection of vibrant communities, each with their own unique personality. For this reason, we think it’s worth getting acquainted with each area’s personality. This way, you’ll know where to start, or maybe where to linger a bit longer. As a bonus, we’ve even included some unmissable seasonal events and activities so you can plan your trip perfectly. As award-winning Bunbury builders, Summit South West is well acquainted with each of Bunbury’s amazing suburbs, so we thought it fitting that we be the ones to give you a tour!

Braywood Display - 40 Atkins Rd, Dalyellup

Image: Aliya Display – 6 Caretta St, Vasse

Eaton: A Family Sanctum

Just 10kms from Bunbury’s Central Business District (CBD), Eaton often resonates with families and those seeking community warmth. A playground for young minds to grow and explore like we did when we were kids – before smartphones and social media. Loved for its close-knit bonds and green retreats like the Eaton Foreshore Reserve, Eaton is a breath of fresh air.

Planning a visit to Eaton?

The annual Eaton Foreshore Festival celebrates Eaton’s coastal allure, making it a great time to explore the suburb and what it has to offer. You be greeted on all senses, with the sounds of local live music, the tastes of the freshest organic foods, and the calming sensation of the cool breeze typical of late October or early November.

Australind: A place to feel grounded

11km North of Bunbury’s heart lies Australind, where the calm Leschenault Estuary offers peaceful vistas, beautiful walking trails and untouched parklands. Australind is perfect for nature lovers, community seekers, and water sport enthusiasts alike. It promises that whether you’re enjoying a hot coffee in the stillness of the morning or settling into a relaxed evening with book in hand, you will feel connected to that place you feel most comfortable.

Australind House and Land Packages

Planning a visit to Australind?

The Monthly Markets at The Village Australind is open on the second Saturday of each month. You’ll find local crafts, fresh produce, and live music from 9am – 1pm. You might even meet some of your new neighbours!

Braywood Display - 40 Atkins Rd, Dalyellup

Image: Braywood Display – 40 Atkins Rd, Dalyellup

Dalyellup: A beachside oasis

A 17km journey from Bunbury CBD brings you to Dalyellup. Here, the waves of Dalyellup Beach meet beautiful Tuart forests on the shoreline. It is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and beach lovers alike. You’ll find a surf-club, 2 primary schools, a high school and a college, as well as a range of spectacular parks. It is a place that really must be visited to be understood. If you love fresh air, magnificent sunsets, outdoor activities, pristine beaches, community engagement and forming new friendships, then Dalyellup offers all of this and more.

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Planning a visit to Dalyellup?

Drop into the Dalyellup Community Gardens where locals work together to grow the freshest fruit and veg. Meet the community and get a little taste of a life in Dalyellup.

Pelican Point: A waterfront reverie

Just 6km from Bunbury CBD lies the aquatic haven of Pelican Point. Here, the waters of the Leschenault Peninsula will call to enthusiasts of kayaking, jet-skiing, and other water activities. For those who would rather spend more time on land, the Bunbury Golf Club is one best regional golf courses in Western Australia, It also promises a fantastic meal at the clubhouse if you feel so inclined.

Planning a visit to Pelican Point?

Consider a camping trip to the Leschenault Peninsula Conservation Park. With its tidal mudflats and peppermint woodlands, Leschenault Peninsula Conservation Park offers some of the South West’s best fishing and birdwatching. While the park is worth a visit at any point in the year, we recommend heading down in the summer for ocean visits or in spring for the stunning wildflowers.

Image: Braywood Display – 40 Atkins Rd, Dalyellup

Usher: A home amongst the trees

Nestled 7km south of Bunbury’s centre, Usher is surrounded by nature where native wildlife and lush flora coexist in harmony with the community. Close to all of Bunbury’s schools, and offering a range of amenities and modern comforts, Usher is a great place for growing families to build their nest.

Planning a visit to Usher?

Make your way to the Manea Park Conservation Park. You’ll find walking trails, where the likes of kangaroos and echidnas roam. Whether you’re an avid nature lover or simply seeking a moment of quiet, the park offers a peaceful stillness that is often impossible to find in a busy city.

Bunbury, a haven of coastal charm and community warmth, offers a neighbourhood that resonates with all. Whether you’re drawn to the familial embrace of Eaton, the grounding tranquillity of Australind, the beachside allure of Dalyellup, the aquatic wonderland of Pelican Point, or the harmonious haven of Usher, each suburb holds its own unique charm. Whether you’re planning to relocate or simply seeking a new perspective, Summit South West offers a variety of house and land packages in Bunbury. Let us guide you towards the home you’ve been dreaming of.

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